Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hunting in Naperville

This past week-end the dudes of the family were hunting pheasant in South Dakota.  Us ladies decided to do some hunting of our own.  Bargain hunting.  We made the 2 1/2 hour trip to Naperville, Il.  It’s a very good thing I live far from civilization.

During this trip, I made my maiden voyage to HomeGoods.  As witnessed by my awesome cell phone photo… 

11 - 2pn

It was amazing.  How can you go wrong with a TJMaxx that doesn’t have racks of clothes and only home items?  You can’t.

What bargains did I find?  Nate prefers to ask me what I didn’t find. 

How can you pass up a cute @ sign?…


Or a wire basket that holds cooking magazines?…(If you have time to notice my dirty toaster, you have time to clean it.)…


I finally bought soap dispensers for our master bath.  I forgot that I don’t have chrome finishes.  Rookie.  I still like them.  They will eventually be moved to our Jack and Jill bath that does have chrome finishes.


What didn’t go home with me?  A pair of Christmas dog pajamas that I am kicking myself for not buying and this mirror.  It had a pretty decent sized scratch deep in the mirror or it would have been mine. Sad...

11 - 1(2)pn

Has anyone seen this shape of mirror anywhere lately?  Preferably one that isn’t a million dollars.

On a side note, I purchased my first pair of skinny jeans a few weeks back.  You know, now that they probably aren’t cool any more.  They are the most unbelievably comfortable pair of jeans that I own.  Who knew?  I digress.

Overall, a successful first trip to HomeGoods (and many other stores in Naperville).  13 hours later and I was home again.  That is a lot of shopping for this girl.  Ike and I slept well that night…

11 - 4pn

Have you been to HomeGoods?  Do you like shopping or loathe it?  I’m surprisingly not a great shopper.  I get sensory overload and wear out quickly but I was a trooper on this trip.

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  1. Looks like you had fun! Yes, we have Homegoods and TJ Maxx not too far away from us. I do get overwhelmed sometimes. I buy too much and then end up returning some - but it is still fun!

  2. Oh man, you were less than five minutes from me. That plaza is trouble; fo' sho.

  3. I was just at Homegoods yesterday in Tinley Park! I'm from there but I live 2 hours away now (near South bend). I had to go to get a 6 foot mirror for our bathroom vanity mirror. Long story. Anyways, I definitely sidetracked a little for some cute decorations for home. That place is amazing and I'm actually kind of glad there isn't one close to me cause I would be spending way too much money there on a weekly basis:)

  4. HG is sensory overload but when I do go it is tough to leave because I end up looking for things for multiple projects and at certain times of the day the lines are way too long.

  5. I totally love the picture of you in front of Home Goods. Too cute!

    And those boots? Where did you find those? Adorable.

    Loving that mirror, too bad for the scratch. It's quite lovely.

  6. I love HG. There's one just about 5 min away from me but I've learned to plan my visits wisely. I'm not much of a shopper either b/c (truth be told) I don't like it. I have to have a plan and know what I'm after when I go...and even then I wanna be in and out. :)
    So glad you had a fun trip!!

  7. Love Homegoods. Was in one that recently opened near my mom. Funny my hubby seemed to be having more fun than me.

  8. I am a horrible shopper. In my head I love it, but I get totally overwhelmed and I'm actually really bad at spending money. So I get stressed out and then it's not fun anymore. Wow, Cindy, you're super lame. I do love HomeGoods though. They have sooo many pretty things.

  9. I've only seen Home Goods in those awesome cell phone photos. TJMaxx we have, but not Home Goods. Sad. Love the @ sign--how perfect for a blogger :)

    I've tried on skinny jeans and always think I look weird. It's probably in my head.

  10. Hahaha. Congrats on your deflowering.
    I'm not such a good shopper either. I used to shop with the best of them, but these days I get so much more gratification shopping online. In my pjs. Preferably with a cocktail. Although shopping while drinking is generally a bad idea.

  11. Isn't it an amazing place!? Love that ampersand! We live by a Home Goods distribution center-- it's HUGE. I always want to walk in and say, "I'm here for the tour!"

  12. i am one of HG's biggest fans, that i am sure of.

    my cousins/aunt/uncle live in naperville! maybe i will have to visit them and we can have a rendezvous at the HG!! lol

  13. You were definitely a trooper! We are slowly breaking you's only taken 5 years to get to this point, just imagine how much more you can still grow :oP

    The @ was definitely the right choice. I'm still a little bummed the mirror didn't work out. I really liked it.

  14. I would die without my skinny jeans, they feel like PJ's all day long - total win. Isn't Homegoods the best?? I count myself lucky to live near several. And in regards to the mirror, I have one that shape that's trimmed out with faux bamboo... but I got it at Goodwill. Maybe try thrifting to find a mirror of unusual shape??

  15. I still remember my first visit to HomeGood - it made me so HAPPY - now I search for excuses to go back. I love that it changes with every visit.

  16. I was so excited to hear about your first HomeGoods trip! My little Michelle is all grown up. :) Love that little @ sign. I wouldn't have been able to resist it either.

  17. OMG Home Goods is my jam, LOVE that place!


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