Thursday, December 1, 2011

Best In Show

A wire fox terrier walked off with the Best in Show title at last week’s National Dog Show…


Ike was a little upset when he found out it was a lovely wirey lady (Eire) and not himself…

via People
Look how much their coats look alike.

Ike is actually taking part in No Shave November.  Always one to help out a good cause!

Maybe we’ll enter Ike next year's show. He’s show quality in our book!

How’d your favorite breed do?  Any other No Shave November participants out there?


  1. I have to say I think Ike looks much nicer - his curls are so cute! There is def. a cheeky look in his face too - like he could get away with murder!

  2. Love Ike's curls. Mocha is looking pretty shaggy herself - I guess you could say she's partaking in Movember too! One of these days, I do really need to trim around her eyes so she can at least SEE.

    My husband did Movember, as we call it up north here. Can't wait for that scratchy thing to come off!

  3. Good to see I'm not the only one that freakin' loves to watch dog shows.

    Haha -- Ike should be grateful he doesn't have to stand on a table for four hours getting groomed. Ike == looks happy. Eire == looks angry. No dog needs such intense eyebrows!

    And those stinkin' Springers always beat out the Brittanys. Bah!

  4. Oh gosh, Shalai is definitely participating in no shave november. Girl needs a trim like whoa.

  5. These are dog celebrities, they are not real ;) Ike on the other hand, is all out handsome. He would win the cutest, silliest dog contest any day! We just had our two schnauzers boy oh boy, did they needed it!

  6. Could you imagine how much work that coat takes, takes me alot of time just to keep Charlies face clean.

  7. I don't normally watch the Dog shows, but you got me curious so I went and checked it out on the website. Did they have a Boston Terrier? I didn't see one on the breeds list but I could have overlooked it.

    Well even though it's next year and it's still far off im gonna give a big 'You go Ike, Go get em!' ;-)

  8. I would quit your job and travel the country, entering Ike in ever show you can find.

  9. Oh, please, don't ever shave Ike! He looks so much cuter than the shaved doggie.

    I have 2 rescued dog, both mixed breeds. I think they're beautiful because they're healthy now.

  10. Ike is such a lil cutie ! I love the curls, looks like a teddy :-) I just posted on my blog about my Schnauzer.. xo Gaby

  11. Ike has my vote...

    I have 2 black labs but I would love to get a German Shorthair Pointer

  12. I saw this show on TV and thought of you when they named the dog!

  13. Ike is WAY cuter! I love his beautiful fur!


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