Monday, October 3, 2011

White Box Challenge

Alternate titles to this post:  Why Do We Keep Buying Olympic Paint?, Second Marriages, Evolving Tastes, Hugging the Toilet, Fragile Flower, Husband Is Not Observant

What the heck am I talking about?  Good question.

This week-end I decided that I wanted to start our powder room’s make-over.  The only thing we have done to this room since we moved in is hang a mirror above the sink. I believe that took us close to a year.  Oh yeah, I added the toilet paper holder too.



Not bad.  Just not the vision I have for this room.  This is the potty everyone uses when they visit our house and I wanted the room to be a little prettier.

Cue the white paint.  Olympic’s One to be exact.  It’s official.  We will no longer be purchasing Olympic paint for our walls (We will use it for furniture.).  We’re a sucker for new things and went for the One.  It took three coats and still doesn’t look the best.  We know how to paint.  We’ve painted two entire houses. We used a good roller and good paint brush.  We were covering a light paint color.  A gallon of paint (for this tiny room) and 3 coats later and we have “meh” results.  I still have some touch up to do but this is how we ended the week-end.



Looks better, right?  Don’t you just love it?……..

Okay, it’s not done.  Just one step closer to my vision.  Or according to my husband, “one of my crazy ideas.”  He was less than happy with me when I asked for his help with painting.  I promised to do the whole room myself.  This worked until I realized that there is only so much space for a ladder in this room…and I’m short.  And afraid of heights.

And now for our alternative post titles:

Second Marriages: While crammed in this tiny room together I asked Nate if he wants his second wife to be into DIY projects/decorating.  He said it was a toss up but she definitely needed to be able to paint on her own.  I told him that was okay because my second husband will either love to paint or be a billionaire and will let me hire it done.  It’s good to dream.  Keeps the marriage strong.

Evolving Tastes:  We discussed my need to re-do our entire house.  I explained to Nate that I have “evolving tastes.”  He laughed hard on this one.  I don’t get it.

Hugging the Toilet:  Did you know that it’s hard to paint behind a toilet?  I ended up straddling it.  I’ll spare you the photo.

Fragile Flower:  Nate tried to show me how I could use the ladder and reach places that I told him that I couldn’t reach.  I have this thing called a fear of heights and anything above the second step of the ladder makes me weak in the knees.  He wanted to know what I thought would happen if I fell two feet.  I told him that I might break a hip because I’m fragile.  He then proceeded to call me his fragile flower.

Husband Is Not Observant: 

Nate (during our 3rd coat of paint): “What color was this room originally?”

Michelle: “Seriously?”

Nate: “Yes.”

Michelle:  “You don’t know the color of a room you have peed in for the past 3 years?  Seriously?”

What do you think of our white room?  Do you and your spouse paint well together? Who else has evolving tastes?


  1. Haha! Hilarious!!! Can't wait to see the final reveal of your vision:)

  2. Awesome. Eric has already forgotten what our bedspread looks like and I changed i last week. Boys!

  3. Hahaha, "fragile flower." I like it. I'm hoping you pulled out the "but Kim fell off a ladder" card. Because what husband doesn't like it when we use our blogger friends as evidence in our cases? Mine loves it, for sure.

  4. Haha. I have a ridiculous fear of heights too (read:step-ladders...or anything more than 3 feet off the ground.) I once had to get something from the top cabinet in the kitchen. I decided to be brave and stood on top of the countertops, quickly grabbed what I needed, but when I turned around to come down I was horrified. I couldn't move and stood there trembling for about 10 minuntes until David came in to check on me. He laughed, I cried, and he helped me down. Never again I say. Never again.
    And we don't paint well together either. He has his way...I have mine. Never the twain shall meet. :)

  5. Evolving tastes... thanks for coining that term, NOW I know how to describe myself. I mostly paint on my own, but for really, really high areas, like where the wall meets the ceiling on 12' walls, I need my Man's help. I have painted entire rooms while he was away on business, and it took weeks before he noticed... must be a MAN thing!

  6. small rooms are definitively a challenge too paint.
    looks great, cant wait to see the reveal and whats next.

  7. Hahah I love men, they're so off base. Suckas about the ONE paint, it's weird how everyone either loves or hates olympic?

  8. Definitely read that as "Fragile Shower." Talk about momentary confusion!

  9. Guys are so funny. You can just tell him that you can buy a new house every few years. That seems to work for us and my evolving taste. (The new house is worlds different from the old house.)

  10. hahaha you guys are too cute--I hope you never have a husband or wife other than each other. :) What accent colors are you considering for your newly painted room? (I totally feel ya on the Olympic thing. Never again. Good to know that One isn't any better.)

    Congrats on the TP holder installation, too. ;)

  11. Oh my gosh, you are so funny!! Guys are clueless when it comes to anything decor, my hubby won't even notice anything new unless the kids tell him! I do like how more open the bathroom looks. Kudos to you for doing 3 coats, I would had given up after the 2nd.

  12. This post gave me a case of the giggles - I share your evolving tastes and I've done the toilet dance trying to get behind one - never fun.

    I LOVE the white - it bites that it took that much work, but it looks so fresh and clean.

  13. Boys! They don't usually understand that style evolves. Hellooooo why do they think we shop so much? Can't wait to see the final.

  14. hahaha love this! #1- dan does not paint. that's officially my job, in exchange for the many things that are "his" job. He HATES painting and is bad at it, too! #2- it scared me like you would not believe to climb on a ladder and paint our family room with vaulted ceilings. #3- yes to evolving tastes! I already did things that i regret and we haven't been in our house for 3 years!

  15. It looks great! What accent color are you going to use?

    Brad won't paint. Well, let me rephrase that-- he'll paint the grill, but he won't paint a room. I've done all the painting in our house. Brad acts as my reassurer and praiser. "Yeah, it looks more grey than blue to me, but I'm always bad with grey." "Lookin' good, babe!"

  16. Looks great! My husband never paints. He tried to help my brother 10+ years ago and after 15 minutes was asked to stop helping. He is my errand boy when I paint and it works really well for us.

  17. Looks nice and clean! My husband doesn't really paint with drives me nuts when he is too careless and gets paint everywhere! I'd rather him let me do it...especially since I'm the one with the "evolving" taste, haha!

  18. I love white bathrooms so this one's right up my alley. Chris and I were having similar convos the last time we painted. I also married someone who isn't into DIY/decorating so it's like pulling teeth to get him involved. Glad I have company. Good to know about The One since I was going to try it out. It sounded too good to be true. Valspar's primer and paint in one worked pretty well in two coats. Have you tried it before? Good luck with the rest of the bathroom.

  19. I can totally relate to you guys as a couple!! My husband isn't into DIY and decorating like I am and always asks "Why do you to do/buy everything twice?" haha. Well, I repainted the room and now it needs new curtains and maybe some new art, hmmm, new pillows would be nice etc...LOL I'm sure you get it! But he's not so bad he'll admit that he likes all the changes I'm making he just doesn't enjoy the process!

  20. Ah I hate Olympic! I used it to paint our kitchen and it has the stickiest texture making it soooo difficult to pull off the tape without removing the paint, too! The color is really nice, but it doesn't seem to be too durable, either. :( My husband (Nate, haha) and I painted it together, until about 3am, which I am still bitter about.

  21. Your hubs sounds like quite the compassionate man! ☺ "Fragile Flower" -- now there's a name for a blog...

    Like the others, I await with bated breath to see your vision revealed.

  22. Valspar! It is the answer to all your paint problems. We tried every single brand and can't find anything as good.

    I like the white! Now I'm dying to ask my husband what HIS next wife would be like... maybe I don't want to know...

  23. I am so glad to read the comments about Olymic paint - I thought I was just incompetent. It took several coats (dark colors over light), and when I put tape on the wall to make my stripes, it pulled the new paint off. Boo hiss!! It was a lot of work, but it looks nice now. I'll go with Valspar when I paint again.

  24. Hubby and I found a better method for painting together (since he absolutely hates painting, and is really not good at it) He does all the prep work (tsp'ing walls, any taping, etc.) and the clean-up, and I do the actual painting. This, I believe, has saved our marriage from DIY disaster ;-)

  25. you're cracking me up with alternative post titles! too funny! i loved the second marriages one.


  26. If by paint well together you mean something along the lines of "S I need more paint, S can you wash this brush please. OMG S you cannot paint like that, give me that brush!" then yes. Otherwise it's my job.

  27. So what is the challenge here? Are you planning on doing any with this room, other than taking a very plain room and making even more plain by painting it white. How about some art, fabric curtains, a rug, even a interesting towel rack and towels would be an improvement. It is time to the the challenge to the next level. Your guests will notice.


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