Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Candy Corn Wreath

My name is Michelle and I’m addicted to candy corn.

When I saw this wreath, I knew I had to make it…

Halloween Craft: Candy Corn Wreath

I was hoping that by the time I got done making it, I would never want to eat candy corn again.  No such luck.

I actually made this wreath last year before I started blogging.  I’m surprised at how well it held up.  I slathered it in Modge Podge (to help protect it) before I packed it away.  (And to keep myself from picking off the pieces..the last remaining candy corn in our house.  I told you I was an addict.)


I followed the directions given on the Woman's Day site…with some adjustments.  I spray painted my wreath black instead of using duct tape.  Visible duct tape on a craft freaked me out.  And you all know that I like spray paint.  This project was easy but time consuming.  From what I am reading, all wreaths are time consuming.  Totally worth it though.




I’m curious how many years it will last.  Ike and I will enjoy it while we can!


Have you made a wreath?  How’d it go? Anyone know of a good CCA (Candy Corn Anonymous) group?

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  1. Cute! Make sure if you have a CCA friend over that they don't start gnawing at it in your foyer. :)

  2. Dear Decorater...How in the heck do you have it hooked on your door? Brenda and I can't figure it out....Mom :)

  3. I made one out of peppermint candies for Christmas a few years ago and the whole thing was a sticky mess. I vowed to never mess with candy and crafts again. This however, is pretty darn cute.

  4. So cute! It would make me always want to go BUY candy corn though, so I don't think I could have one of these. Just too dangerous. :)

  5. The wreath is really cute, but more importantly, I finally found someone who likes candy corn. I always wondered how they still made it because I've never met a single person that likes it


  6. Dear Anonymous (eh hem, Mom)-

    The ribbon is tied in a knot and hanging from a nail on the inside of the door. You could also use a 3M hook if you don't want to use a nail.

  7. Oh great, my daughter just saw me reading this so guess what we're doing this week?) I wasn't planning of any fall crafts since we're moving but I guess this will be our fall fun. It looks amazing Michelle.

  8. That wreath is cute!! I might have to try and make one!

  9. So cute! I'm totally a candy corn addict myself, so I'm with you if you want to start a Candy Corn Anonymous ;) lol!

  10. I need CCA too - I find myself eating way too much every year at this time.

  11. Mix candy corn with cashews and raisins and that is all you will eat. Yum! Addicting too!
    Oh and super cute wreath. I'm surprised it held up.

  12. Love your entryway! Can you please tell me what color/brand paint you've used?
    Love the clean lines you have and simplicity.

  13. I love the wreath. I totally wanted to make that wreath last year and like many things, never did. Maybe there's still time?

  14. Rick (who was standing over my shoulder when I pulled this post up and saw "I am addicted to candy corn") says: "It must be a pharmacist thing." Apparently he wants to eat your super cute wreath, too. :)

    How cool that it held up--Mod Podge is a wonder worker! :)

  15. So fun and festive! It looks fab in your beautiful front entrance!

  16. How sweet is that wreath?? I think my glucose just shot up about 40 points!

    Smiles while visiting from Midwestern Sewing Girl's EVERYTHING HALLOWEEN linky party tonight,
    ~Suzanne in NW Illinois

  17. love love love!


  18. Man, I love candy corn too!
    This is a great wreath, both fun and funky :)

  19. oh i need to make this! it's so cute!! a stop at JoAnns is in my near future lol

  20. That is so cute! I actually have a love/hate relationship with candy corn. I don't really like it that much but if it is around I will keep eating it. Go figure!

  21. I LIKE IKE! He's so adorable lying there in the sunshine of your entry.

  22. Oooh! Yummy =) I bet Ike would love to taste it!

  23. I too am a candy corn-holic!!! THis is just about the cutest thing ever...I'm going to have to make one of these little cuties for myself...if I have any candy corn left over (c:

  24. I love candy corn so I'm hesitant to make this wreath, but I've been thinking about it cause I love the texture and colors. Yours is the cutest one I've seen. Maybe I can get my three year old to help. I love that it'll hold up until next year.

  25. This is so cute! I'm afraid I would have to buy 3Xs more candy corn that the wreath would use, because that is my favorite this time of year!
    :) CAS


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