Thursday, October 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Nate

Nate turns the big 3-0 today! 


(Those are balloons.  Not sperm.  I majored in Biology.  Cut me some slack.)

I made him a special birthday basket to take to work…


I’ve seen a lot of  “30 Sucks” with a container full of suckers.  From what I know, grown dudes aren’t super into suckers but they do like them some candy bars.  Done.  I prefer “bites” over “sucks” anyways.  It’s a classier term.

Fall 186

A dude with a jerky gun needs classy things on his birthday.

Although I do all of the blabbing on this blog, Nate plays a big role around here.  He’s the behind the scenes dude.  He helps me execute the crazy ideas that come into my head.  He puts the kibosh on the really crazy ones.  He takes the pretty pictures.  He has an amazing eye.  He’s responsible for a lot of the paint colors in our house.  He reads your comments.  He encourages me to keep being the best that I can be.  And he sneaks snuggles with Ike.

He’s a pretty special dude.

Happy Birthday Nate!  30 isn’t that old, right?


  1. Happy birthday Nate!!! I hope you have a great day!

    Hugs from Argentina!

  2. Shut up! Ryan's 29th birthday was yesterday. And because I'm wife of the year, I didn't get him anything to bring to work. IN MY DEFENSE, he told me last week he wanted either cookies or brownies and he never confirmed. Maybe I'll make a late birthday treat tonight for him to take tomorrow. But probably not.

    Okay. Now I'm feeling guilty. Kind of.

  3. Oh yeah, and happy birthday to the hubs!

  4. Happy birthday!

    Lol! I totally have that spoon and fork in my kitchen! I didn't by the knife though. Maybe I should, it looks good! :-P

  5. Happy Birthday, Nate!

    Ryan just turned 29 two months ago, and he said he's not going to celebrate any more birthdays, haha.

  6. Happy Birthday Nate!!!

    Do you guys make your own jerky?? We've been wanting to know, haven't....

  7. You have me cracking up..."those are balloons. not sperm. I majored in biology." Hahahahahaha! So funny! And, btw, I majored in biology too!! My hubby's 29th is in 3 weeks so around this house 30 isn't old or a dirty word.
    Hope Nate has a wonderful day!! And awesome wifey job of sending him to work feeling loved and special. :)

  8. Happy Birthday Nate!! 30 bites, so cute!!!

  9. Happy Birthday Nate!!

    I love the "30 bites" candy bar idea!

    I used to think 30 was SOOO OLD but now that my husband and I are slowly getting closer it doesn't seem that old anymore.

  10. Happy birthday! Remember, its not how old you are, but how you feel (and look ;) at least that's what I tell myself since I will be 31 next weekend...yikes!

  11. 30 bites, genus! My husband turned 30 this year too. He was not happy about it... AT ALL!

  12. Happy Birthday, Nate!! The sperm balloons are hilarious ;p Gotta love the men that stand behind the crazy bloggers - show him the love! =)

  13. I love the '30 bites' sign! It's so cute.

    I turned 30 just over a month ago and, yup, I'm an old old lady now. :P

  14. 30 is not old! lol my guy will be 33 this November! I do have to say I love the bucket of chocolate over lollipops! My guy would also!

  15. Happy Birthday, Nate!

    Love the 30 Bites basket. Reeses Cups are my fave.

    Love the knife, fork and spoon too. May I ask where you got them?

  16. Happy birthday to Nate!! I may be the only one on the planet to be so ignorant, but I had never before heard of a jerky gun. Even Rick knew. Thanks for enlightening me that such an item exists. :)

  17. Happy birthday to Nate! I see that you're thoroughly enjoying the chalk pens! LOVE the 30 bites basket too!

    Eric just turned 30 too... it ain't that bad! ;)

  18. Happy Birthday, Nate!
    Since it is your birthday, do you get to eat all 30 bites yourself?

  19. Happy Birthday, Nate! I like how this blog post included the words: sperm, bites, and sucks.

  20. Jerky gun? no.way.

    Totally borrowing the "30 bites" -- only we're a "tad" past 30...

  21. Happy 30th Birthday Nate!!
    Michelle, I am loving your blog!!! It's one of my very favorite too. ;)
    I am in envy of your chalk board! I've just made my first one, but it's drying right now. I'll post pics this weekend!
    What type of chalk did you use?
    Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!

  22. Aw, cute sign! Happy birthday, Nate! It's awesome that he helps with projects so much! It's not really my hubby's idea of fun. haha. Lucky!


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