Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Volcanic Ash

Remember last week when I asked you what color I should paint our mudroom door?  I was surprised with the safe votes of black.


I was originally deciding between red or keeping the door white. When I really thought about it, I didn’t really want to keep the door white because it gets dirty easily.  I was then leaning towards red.  And then I chickened out.  I’ve heard too many horror stories about painting doors red.

Later that day Nate tells me that he was thinking a charcoal color and he swears that he had the idea before you all commented with charcoal as a suggestion.  We’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

We headed to Lowe’s and picked up a quart of Olympic’s Volcanic Ash.  We decided to try out their new One (primer and paint in one).  Why?  Because we’re suckers for new stuff. We were pleasantly surprised with the coverage.  Two coats and we were done.  There is hope for no VOC inexpensive paint. Hooray!

And now for the good stuff…

Labor Day 122

Labor Day 125

I liked the color so much that I decided to paint the other side too! (It's still drying in the picture.)

Labor Day 134

Ike was confused as to why we keep messing with his room.  I had to leave the door cracked while it dried…which allowed some flies to sneak in.  Ike is a fly hunter.  He had an amazing afternoon.

Thanks to all of your that suggested charcoal and thanks to the rest of you for keeping me entertained with survey results.   (I’m one of those freaks that fills out every survey that comes in the mail.)

Are you into colored doors?  I was always a white-door-only kind of girl before this…now I’m getting crazy ideas!


  1. Oh, I love it. That wasn't one of the choices last week, or I would have gone with it(we are all wise in hindsight, aren't we?)

  2. woo hoo! that was what had picked, so it makes me even happier. :) LOVE it!

  3. Oh wow. LOVE the charcoal! Nice choice.

    Also - Ike is stinking adorable. That's all. : )

  4. Looks great. I was thinking of painting the inside of our front door black but thinking it would be too harsh. Grey is a great alternative.

  5. Oh I LOVE the gray color! It looks great! I've been thinking about repainting our cabinets a similar color! So pretty!

  6. This really looks great! What a great decision! And all the doors in your house are just gorgeous on their own. Lovely.

  7. It looks amazing, great choice

  8. I LOVE the charcoal! That door seriously looks SOOOFINE, I wanna go out on a date with it!

  9. Very nice! It looks great with the white and blue!

  10. LOVE the new door color! I am loving black doors these days, but this grey really looks phenomenal!!! NICE WORK!

  11. It looks great!
    My dog is a fly hunter too. But she's not very good at it :)
    Also, as a market researcher by day, thanks for filling out all those surveys in the mail!

  12. I'm glad you liked the ONE paint, I've got a quart of it here with me right now to paint my electric blue dresser with. Glad to know I want be cursing the Olympic Gods!!! :)

    Oh and the door looks very good. So good it looks like it should lead to a secret lair.

  13. Oooooh! Love it with the wall color. They look perfect together. Ike completes the trio of perfection. ;)

  14. i LOOOVE it! funny enough, i am working with something very similar to volcanic ash color right now! i think its just the HD version of it ;)

  15. LOVE IT! Look how it makes the moldings on the door stand out. Great job guys :)

  16. I love it! Excellent choice. I'm really want to paint the all the interior doors in my house.

  17. It's nice, but it would look even better with red accents! (I LOVE RED!)


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