Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Worst Grown-up Chore

I often forget that I’m an adult.  Seriously.  I am going on 30, a healthcare professional, and a homeowner…but I just don’t feel like a grown-up.  So naturally, I don’t think that grown-up chores apply to me. 

It has taken me about 10 years to realize that if I leave a dirty pan in the sink to soak, it will not magically wash itself.  That “magic” was my mother.  And I don’t live with her anymore.

I am also learning the hard way that windows do not magically wash themselves.  The windows in our house were installed 3 years ago.  I have washed approximately four of them in that time period.

I started the daunting task of cleaning them this past week-end.  I really wish I would have known how awful washing windows is when we designed this house…because there are a lot of stinking windows….

Mudroom 035

Mudroom 031

Mudroom 030

Mudroom 040

I finished the first floor this week-end.  I will take on the other two floors in the upcoming weeks.  Ugg…maybe I’ll get some arm muscles out the deal? Dream big.

Mudroom 006

We did try out a fun new product (that we purchased ourselves..just mentioning because we liked it!)…Windex Outdoor Window Cleaner.  We were impressed how this cleaner worked on the outside of the picture windows.  All you have to do is spray the window with a garden hose and then scrub the window with the cleaner….

Mudroom 016

The extendable handle was super helpful!  New toys always make icky chores slightly more fun.

What’s your least favorite grown-up chore?  Any secret window washing tips?


  1. I hear ya about not feelign like a grown up. I hate yard work and cleaning the bathrooms. This Iowa summer has not been nice to our yard so we have spent hours weeding, fertilizing and watering this month. NOT fun in my book. Can't wait til next summer when we land scape the back yard....or not since then I will have more edging to do with the weed wacker. It never ends really.

  2. SO true about not feeling grown up! I'm starting to worry that feeling will never go away.

    Um... you're supposed to "wash" the outsides of your windows? :)

    We replaced our windows a couple years ago and also bought the kind that opens up so you can wash them from inside the house. I thought that was a cool, funky feature that would automatically translate to me cleaning the windows ALL the time. It did not.

  3. I hate all chores. Cooking, cleaning and especially folding and putting away laundry - it never seems to all get done. As for windows, we do them in the fall when we remove our screens. Hubby does outside, I stick to the inside.

  4. haha I'm guilty of abandoning dishes, as well. I just hate how I finish them and then suddenly there is a monstrous pile again. We need to clean our windows, too...arm muscles out of the deal would be a plus for me, too!

  5. Oooh cringe! I hate doing grown up stuff like deep cleaning. I usually bribe Rob to do it. Haha

  6. Seriously laughing out loud at the magic dish washing. It reminds me of my husband, who apparantly thinks that "soaking" a dish means he doesn't have to do it. He used to have cereal and "soak" the dish. I had to make it clear that it wasn't necessary to do so when there wasn't anything baked on.

    I hate washing windows, too, but it is SO much easier when you have the pop in windows (we have them, too). Makes it a little easier. The worst part to me is that they never look perfect, it's hard to get streak free.

    I also despise weeding. Hate it. With a passion.

  7. Clean windows is one of my favorite things, CLEANING the windows is not. I totally hate laundry and now I get why celebrities rarely wear the same thing twice. They don't like laundry either!

  8. I hate to tell you but I don't think that feeling ever goes away. I'm 42 with a two kids (one teenaged kid) and I still don't feel like an adult. My mom told me about a Windex product where you attach your garden hose directly to the bottle and spray and that's it!! She told me that 2 years ago but have I tried it?? No!! But it sounds awesome.

  9. Oh yeah, this is right at the top of my list, too...up there with cleaning ceiling fan blades...I don't understand why the magic can't happen at my house )c: Oh wait, it does...just for everyone else!!!

  10. I really hate mopping. With two kiddos, there is always food and yucky stuff on the floor so it seems like a never ending chore. Dusting might be equally as bad. :)

  11. cleaning the bathroom...eeewww, expecially while raising 4 boys, although I am currently down to 1 full time boy, so it's getting better!!! Btw your windows look amazingly easy to clean!!!

  12. OMG do I ever hate window washing or what!?!?!? Our house, as you know, is just a one-story, but there are still plenty of windows. BUT, the worst part about it really isn't washing the glass... it's the trays for the windows that really need a deep cleaning and I have totally been avoiding it!!! :( Shameful... good luck with yours!

    PS- how awesome are your windows for folding out?!?!?!?

  13. What? You're supposed to wash your windows?
    Just kidding. I don't mind it too much, maybe because it isn't a chore you have to do that often.

    I hate doing the dishes and unloading the dishwasher. That just sucks and I feel like I'm doing it constantly.

  14. I'm right with you when it comes to washing dishes. I'm in my 40s and I keep expecting my mom to clean up after me. How sad is that? I was hoping you would have some window washing techniques because I've got to tackle ours (we only have four and one sliding glass door). My mom suggested using ammonia, but I'm a bit hesitant because of the smell. She swears by it though so maybe I'll try it on the outside.

  15. What? We have to wash those? Darn!

    My least favorite chore used to be cleaning the glass shower doors and the water stains. Then I found Orange Goop (the automotive, get grease off your hands stuff) and it's gotten SO MUCH EASIER. Now that's not so bad and cleaning up the papers the dog took into the yard and shredded has to be the worst. At least she'll grow out of it I guess.


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