Monday, August 22, 2011

Mudroom Update

On Friday I gave you a sneak peek at our mudroom….


This past week-end was the second week-end we spent working on the room.  And we still aren’t done.  I am hoping that next week is “Mudroom Week” here on DecorandtheDog. I’ll share with you how to install board and batten and build benches and cool things (yes, cool things).  Might be wishful thinking.  Board and batten is time consuming!

We are using Olympic Paint to paint the board and batten.  All the fancy bloggers use this paint and rave about.  I have used it previously on furniture and we used it to the paint the blue on the mudroom walls. 

Here’s our opinion….We aren’t huge fans. I know, I know.  I go against everything the “pro” bloggers are telling you.  But it goes on really thin and sort of sticky. (We have a lot of painting experience with Sherwin Williams and Valspar paints and have had no problems.) The first coat with Olympic always looks awful…

Mudroom 017

Why do we keep using it?  Because it doesn’t smell. That is seriously the only reason. The lack of paint fumes is helpful in rooms that have no ventilation…like our mudroom. I also enjoy the lack of headaches caused by paint fumes. The coverage just doesn’t compare to Sherwin Williams or Valspar.  It’s a give and take.  Will I keep using it?  Yes.  Will I continue to be frustrated by it?  Probably.

We finished our second coat this week-end and it will need a third (hopefully only a third)…

Mudroom 021

I do like how it’s turning out though!

And just to make you feel better…

Mudroom 019

I am the world’s messiest painter.  (This was taken before I splattered paint all over my legs.)

Don’t you hate when the fancy bloggers tell you that they don’t tape anything and paint with their eyes closed while wearing evening gowns in full hair and make-up?  Yeah, I am totally one of them.  Can’t you tell?  ( What? A “Future Pharmers of America” pharmacy bar crawl tee-shirt isn’t formal enough for you?  Can you tell I’m from the midwest?)  I also cover every surface with newspaper and tape…or else bad things happen.

There you have it.  The current state of our mudroom!

Have you used Olympic paint?  What are your thoughts?  What’s your favorite paint brand?  Who wants to have a paint off for the messiest painter award?  I will beat you.


  1. hahahaha well, Michelle, I don't know what your problem is, but I recently painted a ceiling in my wedding dress and didn't get a spot on it. ;)

    We use Olympic for the no-smell factor as well. We've never used anything else, so we have nothing to compare it to. Maybe that's a good thing?

    (And Rick totally has a PharmBoy t-shirt with little mortar and pestles shaped into a tractor.)

  2. The messiest painter? Doesn't it come with the job? You look like a professional!

  3. You're adorable. : ) And it's looking awesome, even if things are moving a little slower than you'd like.!

    Behr is our go-to paint. We loved the Ralph Lauren paints, but then Home Depot stopped carrying them. Which is probably just as well because they're expensive. Anyway, Behr. We love it, it's pretty cheap and the coverage is good. We haven't used Sherwin Williams or Hirschfield's indoor paints, mostly because I'm afraid I'd love them and spend a million dollars painting every room.

  4. YES, I am a valspar lover to the end too! But I will put up with the stench in exchange for quality. That's why I married my husband too. AHHH I kid, I kid.

    I like to paint in my best Sunday dress as well, and instead of taping off or preparing the space in any way, I opt to THROW the paintbrush AT the wall from a distance, and the paint lands precisely within the lines with perfect coverage. You can do this too with a little experience.

  5. I really like Valspar. The quality is [imo] really good for the price.

    I do like Olympic for the Zero VOC option though [although I think Valspar is coming out with an environmentally friendly paint line?].

    I really like how I only have to apply 1 coat of Valspar paint, where as Olympic it's usually 2-3 coats but in the end it's a toss up between the two. :)

    Loving the mud room progress and I could very much run for the title of messiest painter. Heck just this weekend I was staining, had gloves on yet I still managed to get stain on my wrists and face... ugh.

  6. Looking good!

    I have these "painting capris" that I always wear when I paint. They are COVERED in 10 different colors because I'm such a messy painter. I start out pretty good, but by the end I'm a mess.

    I used Valspar for all the rooms I painted in our house. I like it.

  7. I laugh because last weekend, I actually caulked my bathtub while I was wearing my Sunday dress.

    I don't know if I've ever used the same paint brand twice. I try a new brand every time and can never commit to one, how will the other paint brands feel? :(

  8. I'm a Behr girl. I've heard good things about Olympic, but never tried it. Why mess with a good thing?

    It's going to look great. We did board and batten in our dining room a few years ago and it's the best thing we ever did in the home. Such an impact. Can't wait to see your bench. I'm trying to talk Ryan into building me one, too, for our entry.

    And, I take offense to your comment about bloggers painting gear. I obviously do wear a ball gown while painting. ;) Actually, I have paint clothes and just always wear them. They look embarrassingly horrible after painting 3 houses, but they are comfy and do the job.

  9. I hate Olympic paint! Valspar forever!

    We tried to use Olympic paint when helping a pregnant friend paint things for the nursery and it was AWFUL. Fortunately I hardly notice any smell with Valspar. It's also great quality for the price, so that's what we go with.

    Some friends of ours recently used Sherwin Williams and hated the fact that it gummed up so quickly, giving them almost no working time.

    The mudroom looks good!

  10. Behr paint and primer is my favorite. It goes on smooth and gets great coverage. Plus it isn't as smelly as it could be.

  11. I liked the Olympic outdoor paint WAY better than Valspar. I won't buy Valspar again. I love Sherwin Williams, but I used Dutch Boy Kitcnen and Bath paint in our bathroom and kitchen (duh!) and I really like how it covers.

  12. I hear you about Olympic. We've always used it for relatively light paint but when we went much bolder (orange!) and after three coats I could STILL see spots... oi! But we'll definitely keep using it until the big boys bring their no-VOC paint down in price. Although I've heard Martha Stewart's paint is at least low-VOC...

  13. I am LOVING the board and batten look you're creating. Can't wait to see that room in all its glory. I've never heard of Olympic so either I'm living under a rock or it's not available in Canada. Either way, it doesn't sound like something I'm interested in rushing out to find.

  14. That pic cracks me up! I always end up with paint everywhere, too!

    I use Valspar and love it. The only other kind I've used is Behr and I prefer Valspar....I forget what it's called but I get the low odor kind!

    I gave you a blog award...head on over to my blog to check it out!

  15. Try using our new paint, Olympic ONE. It's a paint + primer in one! We're starting you off at just $24 for low VOC paint + primer with fantastic hide and beautiful colors!

  16. I kind of love that I'm commenting AFTER Olympic weighs in on your opinion. How random.

    I love the way it's looking - going to be amazing.

    And I may just rival you in messiness. I tape EVERYthing and still have problems.

  17. Can't wait to see the finished product! I'm with you on the whole olympic == meh...are you using floetrol? (makes coverage worse, but with a *much better finish)

    lets not get started on the contest of messy painters... 3 yrs of grad school + laziness to change...

  18. I am a Behr paint + primer or a Sherwin Williams girl. The Behr is lower VOC (I don't know if it's as low as Olympic), but I don't notice any smell as it's going on, so it's a-okay with me!

  19. I have liked Behr and have also used Benjamin Moore a lot. At least you have a smile on your face (messy or not)!

  20. I've considered the olympic paint, but never made the switch - now I'm kinda glad? Painting at your house looks like painting here. I MUST tape and put paper down. Last time I spilled paint all down my leg before we left home depot - I feel ya!

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. Got my comments confused, whoops! Anyways, glad to know that stuff about olympic paint! We're going to be painting soonish so I'll just stick to valspar. And I love your painting get up and how you kept it real. That irks me on other blogs too... I always wonder if they have paint splatters everywhere that their "wide angle lens" doesn't capture ;)

  23. I so give you a run for your money in the "messiest painter" department. By the end of a project I have it all over my clothes...and my skin...and my hair. We have been using Sherwin Williams at the new house but I have been hearing good things about cheaper brands and am thinking we need to try it.

  24. Looking good, looking good. Can't wait to see it all finished!
    If it makes you feel better, I've heard other complaints about Olympic paint. I'm a big fan of Behr and not to rub it in, but I'm also a fan of my new paint sprayer :)

  25. You know, I haven't had a ton of painting experience like you have, but we have mostly used Behr paint in our house. It goes on fine, but I don't like the color choices. They always seem muddy for some reason. We just bought Valspar's signature paint (paint and primer in one) for our living room. I tried it on a wall and found it to be nice and thick. It seems like it'll work great. We had Lowes match our color from Ace Hardware and they did a great job.

  26. I love Valspar. I have a sample of Olympic, and I thought it was just a problem with the sample paints, but sounds like it's not...
    And I don't tape unless it's a tight spot. I use an angled brush with a short handle, and it has made all the difference.

  27. I have to tell you: we just painted our bedroom and I ended up with paint on just about every appendage known to man. Including my nose. (How does this happen??) Good thing I decided to wear skanky paint clothes instead of my usual formal attire. ;)

    And: we started out with Olympic paint on the ceiling. Let me tell you, I am NOT continuing...because from the looks of things, we'll probably have to do several coats. And the nerves in my forearm just can't handle that. Valspar, here we come. This post had impeccable timing. :)

  28. I'm loving the t-shirt! I'd give an arm and a leg to have one of those babies! :)

    I'm a Benjamin Moore fan - mainly because we like shopping at our local ACE store, and Benjamin Moore is what they carry. Plus I'm addicted to the idea of using the same colors as Pottery Barn :S

    Love your painting technique...if you don't get a little on you, you aren't doing it right! I'm usually rocking the paint splattered nail polish at work during the painting period of my projects :)

  29. I have used regular low VOC Olympic paint and it sucked. I then used low VOC Olympic One (Paint and Primer all in one dealio) and it was awesome. It only took one coat to cover everything equally. About the same as Valspars paint & primer in one. And at 10 bucks cheaper I'll take it.

  30. So fun to see how your board and batten is turning out! Looks awesome. We'll be taking on a similar project soon!

  31. I completely agree! After hearing so many people rave about Olympic I switched from Valspar on my last project and HATED it! It always takes at the very least two coats of paint. It seemed almost watered-down. Bizarre but your mudroom turned out lovely!

  32. I'm late to this post party (just found your blog off Primitive & Proper and any blogger from Iowa I HAVE to follow!)...I recently used the new Olympic One paint in our office which used to be our son's nursery painted in a royal blue (like the background of the Facebook icon, including the ceiling thanks to my hubs...was like a cave) and I had great results. I used the off-the-shelf white for the ceiling (had to do 2 coats to cover that blue) and a medium grey for the walls (covered in one coat). I had enough to paint my (very small) master bath walls & ceiling with some left for future touchups. I do use semi-gloss so maybe that made the difference? Great blog and still hoping to get back to Iowa someday (I left my heart there). :)

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