Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Striped Sheets

I have a slight obsession with stripes lately.  When I saw these sheets from West Elm, I knew I had to have them.  Plus they were $30.00 off. I’m a sucker for a sale.  And I think I had a bad day at work.  I work because I shop. I shop because I work.  Viscous cycle.

Stripe Sheet Set

I’m in love.  With sheets. Wrinkly sheets.  Who irons sheets? Seriously.  Don’t tell me you do. 




I was slightly worried because they were 200 thread count and I don’t have a West Elm near me to touch them.  They aren’t as soft as our previous sheets (which were a higher thread count). I may be blinded by their extreme cuteness but I think they are cozy.  Nate, on the other hand, claims the sheets are ripping his skin off.  I believe that is his poison ivy.  It’s hard living with a princess.

More importantly…what does Ike think?


Looks like he approves!  It also looks like I lost my spot in bed…

Do you and your significant other disagree on bedding?  How do you compromise?  I’m thinking about sewing half and half sheets.  Or we’ll just let the dog decide!


  1. Very cute post. I love west elm! I'd say let the dog decide!

  2. Cute sheets! Brad says he can't sleep with a flat sheet because it gets wrapped all around him, and he can't move. *insert eye roll* You and me both live with princesses.

  3. Funny post! ALSO married to a princess. When he sees our fluffy, comfy duvet, he flings himself on the floor like a toddler, throws a giant tantrum and screams in agony because "it's SO hot, it BURNS me!"

    I love him.

  4. I love those striped sheets!! I'm trying to find the perfect sheets to go with my bedding but white is the only thing I can think off, I do think striped would look good though.

  5. i know i am the only person who sees these sheets and thinks something negative, b/c everyone else seems to love them.

    here's what i see-brace yourself-you know the prisoner uniforms from the holocaust? yep. that's what i see. sorry if you can't sleep on them after that!

  6. I love stripes! It adds an other dimension of visual texture. As for Nate's issue ;) Mr. FSL is like the damn Princess & The Pea! He insists on having a flat sheet then kicks it to the bottom of the bed within 10 seconds and the entire comforter ends up on me! LOL!

    If you ironed your sheets, I'm not sure if we could be friends anymore :D By the way, the do sell wrinkle-free sheets which I've actually considered, but never bit the bullet...

  7. Love the sheets. It's like heels, they look great but hurt. Tell Hubby that's the way it works!

  8. Cute sheets! But half and half sheets...I think you have something there. ;) Rick's not a princess but does get annoyed when I won't move the cats off the bed and they are "in his way." I'd rather contort myself and sleep around them than move their cuddly sleeping selves...Rick's not quite so compassionate. :)

  9. I choose the bedding in my house. After all I buy it, I wash it, I hang it on the line and pick it in again! So I'm the boss when it comes to the bedroom!! ;)

  10. Love the stripes! They look great in your room :) My hubby could care less about sheets. He usually likes the bedding I pick as long as it's somewhat soft but he isn't picky!

  11. OMG! We just went through the most ridiculous sheet fiasco ever! I probably bought 5 or 6 different types of sheets and finally settled on our west elm sheets. We LOVE them - we got a jersey pair and a sateen pair. The only bummers- the jersey pair stretches like crazy and the sateen pair seems to ball like nobody's business. Still, we love them both. :)

    AND, I LOVE your selection! Those sheets had me at grey... but then add in the stripes and we've got a full on crush happenin'!!!

    Also, don't know if you caught my reply comment on my blog... "I’ve actually gotten way behind on yours! Is it weird that I get behind on yours because I love your blog so much that I put it off to last and save it for when I have time to focus on it alone! LOL" TRUE STORY! Time to catch up!!!

  12. Giggling like a silly girl at Ike's picture. Have you washed the sheets yet? Maybe wash them a few times with fabric softener and see if they get a bit more fluffy for your princess ;)

  13. With sheets that look this awesome, does it matter how comfortable they are? Especially at $30 off?
    Tell your little princess to suck it up :)

  14. Super cuteness is right! And the sheets are great, too! (c: I love the stripes they are a fantastic addition!!!

  15. LOVE these sheets, seriously obsessed. if i didn't already have a striped comforter, i may snatch them up. it might be a bit much with two sets of stripes :). dan's a princess with sheets too, he only buys high thread count and complains with anything less than 600.

  16. I'm also a princess when it comes to bedsheets. Once I had a taste of 400 thread count, there was no looking back.
    I think if the partner is willing to pay for them, there's no reason not to go for the higher thread count. I've never heard someone complain that sheets were "too soft".

  17. Great sheets. I was tempted to grab something from the West Elm sale, but there wasn't anything that matched for us :(


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