Monday, August 8, 2011

Rod Lightening

Do you remember when we made our own curtain rods for our master bedroom? (If not, read about it here.)

The black just wasn’t doing it for me.  (Neither is that ceiling fan but we’ll get to that another day.)

I decided to lighten the place up with some satin nickel spray paint.  I choose Rust-Oleum’s Satin Nickel.  It was ~$9 for the can.  Ouch. It is worth it though because I can speak from personal experience that the non-metallic spray paints are weird looking.

After a quick spray paint session, our bedroom now looks like this (with a fast dog)…




Picnik collage1

The bedroom is slowly getting coming together.  What’s left?

  • Learn to fluff comforter and turn off ceiling fan before photos.
  • Build a bed frame.
  • Install crown molding.
  • Replace ceiling fan with a less ugly ceiling fan.
  • Replace carpet with wood floors.  (I’m dreaming big here.)

Does anyone out there have a completely finished room?  If so, how’d you decide you were finished? Once I think I’m close I always dream up something more.  Tell me I’m not the only one!


  1. The rods now blend in beautifully - what a difference a can of spray paint makes! A great space!

  2. It looks better! is a small change, but it realy makes a diference!

    Right now we are making some changes in our bedroom. We´d already bought the closet, and now we are cleaning the doors (we are taking off the old paint, because we wanted in wood).
    And we have the same problem about the ceiling fan... it is very dificult to find one that looks pretty!

    Your bedroom is amazing!


  3. The difference in rod color is a subtle one, but I like what it does to the overall look of the room.
    Do I have a completely finished room? Just one, our powder room. But it is a small room, and really, how much can you do in a bathroom? I'm pretty sure the others will be a work in progress until the day we move.

  4. that is bang for your buck! a small difference, but big impact, and an easy fix to boot! :)

  5. Completely finished room? No way. Nothing even remotely close, unfortunately. Someday??

    I really like the silver - it makes the rods almost disappear and almost makes the ceiling look higher. Amazing what a little paint can do!

  6. You're so right about the non-metallic spray paint. I have a friend who used that on ALL the doorknobs in their whole house, and it does not look right. Don't tell them I said that.

    Your updated rods look so much better! And if you squint, in the "after" photo, your ceiling fan looks like some kind of sunburst light fixture when it's on in photos. So there's that. :)

    I have NO IDEA how you ever finish a room. I'm really starting to think there's no such thing -- unless you stop reading blogs forever.

  7. The new paint looks great! I need to do the same to mine, except I should probably get new rods altogether.
    I definitely do NOT have a finished room, and I don't think I ever will. There is always something to change!

  8. New follower.. found you on another blogroll. Love the title!


  9. oh man, i'm never finished! i am in a constant state of tweaking, lol. great simple fix on your curtain rods!

    your newest follower!

  10. You're sooo not the only one who never fells finished. I think you have to decide to be finished, b/c you'll always dream up something new. But then again, you could always decide to get started again, too. =)

    And great tip with the paint. I'm also not in love with the black finish on our curtain rods, but they were cheaper than the silvery ones. Too bad that paint is $9 a can! :-/ At least you probably only needed 1 and had leftovers... I hope =)

  11. I've seen that $9 spray paint...on the shelf. Never in my cart. But if you say it's better than the non-metallic ones for stuff like this, I believe you. Thanks for the tip! (And hey, you probably have leftovers, right?) I'm still just impressed that you made your own curtain rods! :)

  12. It's amazing how the small changes make such a huge difference. Way to go talented girl!

  13. I really like it! I spray painted our old cookie jar this's amazing how just a small change can make a huge difference!

  14. I'm going to have to buy me some spray paint. It's amazing how a little change like that can make such a big difference. I love how your room is coming together. Keep those pics coming.

  15. I loved the finished question - I think about that a lot and have finally come to the conclusion no room is ever finished. It is all an evolving process.

  16. I like it! I have that same can and got so annoyed at the price only once I transformed this amazing vintage silver tray it was so worth it. Nice transformation!

  17. It always amazes me what a difference paint can make!!! Your room looks lovely just as it is.....don't look at it as unfinished, just not up to it's full potential! Although right now today it is beautiful!!!

  18. I should frikkin buy stock in that spraypaint! LOL! The new color works much better with your room. I don't ever consider our rooms "done" partly because once I like the way a room looks, I see something like this and want to repaint another room!

  19. LOVE the repainted rod! You're totally on your way! Our master bedroom has reached on hold for some time because of my failure to finalize my vision... :( BUT, we're getting there! (we also have a ceiling fan... but we just can't do without it... at least it's a nice new one.)

    Can't wait to see more!

  20. Beautiful... here's soemthing I've been looking at.

  21. Oh yeah, that is so great now! I see that you took my expert advice on the color/finish. :-p


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