Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hive Vase Sort of Knock Off

It’s time for Pinterest Challenge #3 (Here’s #1 and #2 ).

It’s no secret that I love West Elm. Just not their prices. 

Take this vase for instance….$24….seriously?  It’s tiny.


I REALLY liked it…but not $24 liked it.  So I pinned it and moved on.

And then I got to thinking (scary, yes), didn’t I pin something about using puff paint on glass jars and then spray painting them?  Why yes, I did!


How hard could it be to do a hive pattern on a $0.50 vase from the Salvation Army?  Quite hard actually.  About half way through I was about 2 seconds from clicking on “buy me now” on the West Elm site because I was so frustrated with this project.  And I went I get frustrated, I buy things.  (I should mention that it was also near nap time…my nap time.  Note to self.  Don’t do crafts when sleepy.)  But I did eventually finish it.



Eh.  The puff paint didn’t come out quite as even as I would have liked but at this point I was just glad that I had found a way to get some resemblance of a hive pattern.  It looks good from a distance.  Ish.

If you have a steadier hand, it may be worth trying.  Here’s how I did it.

Round up your supplies:

  • A jar or vase
  • Puff Paint
  • Stencil


Step #1:  Figure out how to get your stencil onto your vase for easy tracing.  Or freehand it if you are super crafty.  Just don’t tell me about it.  I may hurt you.  The memory is still a little to fresh on this project.  I ended up printing out a bunch of little hives and then taping them to the inside of the glass jar (which I failed to photograph…because I was angry).

Step #2: Trace stencil with puff paint.  It helps to have a steady hand.  I do not.  (Dental school dreams were crushed when I realized that my shaky hand would cause some problems in a person’s mouth.)  The puff paint didn’t come out evenly.  I decided I liked it that way.  Because I was tired.  Don’t mess with my Sunday afternoon naps.


Step #3: I spray primed and painted the vase after the puff paint had dried.  Easiest step of the whole project.

Step #4:  Display it…proudly?…in your master bedroom.  You know, the room that a lot of people don’t see.




I’m kind of over crafts right now.  At least my dresser has a little bit more life.

Have you ever tried to knock off something that you loved? How’d it turn out?  What are your thoughts on knock offs? Are they thrifty or theft?  (Here’s a link to this topic on Apartment Therapy that has me thinking.) 


  1. I have deliberately stayed away from Pintrest (last thing I need is another online place to spend time at) so I don't fully understand your story, but I love your project and I am (almost) tempted to join in.

  2. Not related to the craft (which is great), but where is the white taller dish with the ribbed edges from? Thank you :)

  3. Love it! I am enjoying these challenges too. Very creative!

  4. Love how this turned out!!

  5. Love it, I have been playing around with this idea for some time know, i may just need to do it next weekend. We are paining the master bedroom this weekend so I will not have the patience for this project as well.

  6. Wow, I feel so lazy! You have done THREE pinterest challenges, and I still haven't photographed my first one. I like the way it turned out! I love the color and the original shape of the vase it looks so cool, but hey if you don't love it... send it to Oklahoma and I can give it some Okie love on the shelves above my sofa.

  7. Ha! I love your commentary. Honestly, it looks good! I'm so impressed that you even thought to create it on your own. But let's be honest, I would've smashed the vase halfway through and taken a nap. See: reasons Cindy doesn't do crafts.

  8. I kind of love it that way...perfectly imperfect (c: I just like the pattern/texture/visual interest aspect of it...and I'm UBER impressed that you came up with this project in the first place! That is some wicked creativity, right there!

  9. You are so creative - great job! I have to stay away from Pinterest or I will never get off the computer!

  10. I'm sorry that was so frustrating for you AND that you missed out on napping. The vase turned out fabulous and it looks like you bought it at West Elm. I'm dying to make one for myself. Where did you get the honeycomb design?

  11. @Alli- I found the vase at the Salvation Army and spray painted it white!

  12. Seriously cool! I would have given up!

    I can't believe you turned the challenge into a three-pete - way to go above and beyond.

    I've already got my project planned for the next challenge!

  13. Looks great, Michelle. I'm impressed you tried such an intricate pattern. You should be proud with the way it turned out!

  14. That project turned out so cute! I'm jealous of your creativity! I also love the usage of the egg plate - I may have to copy that idea! :)

  15. lyndsay @ Mr and MrsAugust 3, 2011 at 9:03 PM

    i think it looks great! i never would have thought to create that, but i am totally with you on the west elm coveting.

  16. WHOA. Seriously, whoa. I kept thinking... "there's no way she's going to free-hand that beehive pattern. She's not gonna - NO WAY." You DID IT! I'm super impressed. Looks amazing!

  17. Totally awesome. I'm glad you used a stencil, it preserves your humanity. People who can free-hand like that are part god and I hate them a bit for it ;) I' over crafting too. I'm taking a wee break =)

  18. I like it! I think the slight wonkiness gives it oodles of character! I bow down to you because I would not have had the patience to persevere!

  19. I liked that vase, too, and I think yours turned out really well! But if you think it must be relegated to the infrequently visited guest room, that's okay. :)

  20. Loooove! You already know my opinion on knockoffs ;) Why buy what you can make?! It would be stealing if you made knockoffs to sell for a profit.

  21. that looks fantastic!!! I've been dying to do one of the washer-art pics too!!!!

  22. That turned out great!

    Also, you reminded me that I may have audibly gasped when I saw two of the West Elm vases in the swanky break room I don't use at work.

  23. SO very late in the game w/finding you & responding but on the off chance you still read severely outdated comments - what do you think about giving it another go but this time wrapping/gluing chicken wire in the same pattern to the vase then spray painting? I am going to venture to guess you have all of that sitting in a box somewhere begging to be utilized (don't we all??) At any rate - very glad to have found you & started following you on Pinterest. Btw - have you come across a support group for that site yet?? :)

  24. I looked up knock offs and yours looks just like the elm vases!do not hide this in your bedroom,unless of course it looks amazing in there!


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