Thursday, August 4, 2011

All Jacked Up On Mt. Dew

It’s time for my final Pinterest inspired post of the week.  (Here’s #1, #2, and #3!)

Today’s Pinterest inspiration was this recipe for Mountain Dew Cupcakes…

Mountain Dew and Cupcakes.  Two of the world’s greatest gifts. 

Diet Dew is my vice.  I’m not afraid to admit it.  I wouldn’t make it through a day in the pharmacy without it.  It helps me deal with situations like this (keep in mind, the following is a true story)…

Pharmacy technician:  “Ummmm, Michelle.  There is a clown in line to pick up meds.  What do we do???”

Michelle: Looks at line.  Holy cow, there is a real life clown.  I am going to be killed by a serial killer clown.  I knew this day started horrible but I really don’t want to be murdered…by a clown.  Calm and cool….”Just wait on the clown.  I’m sure they are just heading to a party.”… 9:30am. Oh man, I am going to be killed by a clown.  (I have a vivid imagination.)

Luckily it was a very nice hobo clown who was headed to an award ceremony for National Clown Week (which is this week…Shout out to all of my clown readers!)…but I totally needed a Dew after this one. 
I digress…

How can you go wrong with Mountain Dew and cupcakes together?  I know about 85% of you are thinking “You can go very wrong, very easily on this one.”  And the majority of you are correct.  Not good.  Not bad. Kinda weird.  I made them for work.  I work with vultures…who also love Mountain Dew.  The vultures ate like 4 of the 24.  Not such good odds. They looked kind of pretty though…


You can find the recipe here….if you don’t trust me and want to try them yourself.  I even cut back on some of the citrus flavor and they were still a citrus lemony-limey mess.  A moist cupcake with good frosting consistency but weird tasting.  It’s like you take a bite and you think…hmmm..a little weird. How about another bite?  Still weird.  But I think I might like them. 3rd bite. Nope. Just weird.

This recipe concludes my attempts at trying out projects that I pinned on Pinterest. I will go back to pinning away with no real hopes of attempting any of the them any time soon…those truly are the best pins.

What’s the worst recipe you have tried?  What’s your vice..or vices?  Anyone else automatically think a clown in a pharmacy in a bad part of Quad Cities, IA is a serial killer?


  1. I have yet to find a citrus cupcake I like, I always feel like I am eating a sponge used with lemon pinesol or dawn dishsoap.
    Not sure why. LOL. I do like lemon and lime in other desserts so I must just be weird.

  2. I think I will take your word for it and stick with chocolate. They do look pretty!

  3. They look like they would be perfect for a kid's birthday party, maybe a "Shrek" theme! :) The kids would probably think they were great!!! That clown in line...priceless!! I work in retail, so I know just how you felt!!

  4. Hmmm, they do sound a bit funky, but they look cool. Maybe you should have offered them to the homeless serial clown. I baked a root beer cake once, which tasted nothing like root beer. It wasn't bad, it just . . . wasn't as root beer-y as advertised. But at least you tried them!

  5. haha! You should've sent some of them with the clown as a sort of "Happy Clown Week" send-off, free with purchase of drugs.

    ps I think you should begin an anonymous blog about weird pharmacy happenings. Rick can contribute his stories too. It could be called "The Time We Gave Viagra to a Clown and Other Things We Endure In Order to Pay Off Our Student Loans."

  6. they look pretty but i am not even a fan of the Dew in its normal form, so i don't think i will attempt this :)

  7. Diet Pepsi cupcakes with chocolate cake would have worked much better! Mix one box of cake mix with 1 can of pop (you can add eggs, too, but I don't). Easy peasy. Frost with cool whip :o)

  8. I would have had visions of serial killers too.

    I really need another pinterest challenge soon. I need the motivation.

  9. Oh man, these are silly!
    I wouldn't say I've tried any 'terrible' recipes (unless you count all the quiches- that much butter and cream can't be good for anyone), but the most challenging recipe I've tried and failed at 5 times is French macarons.

  10. I did have a cake made from Sprite. You mix the sprite with the cake mix instead of eggs and oil. The consistency wasn't exactly right but it wasn't bad. Better with icing.....everything is better with icing. I do have Stephen King "It" flashbacks when I think of clowns......

  11. Love it! I would worry about a clown in my pick-up line, too. A few months ago a pharmacy a few hours south of us was robbed by a I was telling the staff about the robbery, a pirate showed up in our OTC aisle! We spazzed out...the pirate was headed to the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie...false alarm :)

  12. Super colorful cupcakes! I love these, so mouth-watering! Mountain dew is perfect, too! :-)
    phentermine 37.5

  13. LOL - Trying to keep from laughing too hard about your "serial clown" encounter. Too funny.


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