Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Guest Bedroom Update

We did a little more work on the ol’ guest bedroom this past week-end. 

It is still not complete but we are working our way there…baby steps…


We added the chair (read about it here).  We also hung some curtains and a mirror.  The curtains are from Target ($20 for the pair).  The mirror I found at a garage sale back home ($8).  Simple changes (minus the chair…NOT simple) that really warmed up the room.


Are you sick of the yellow chevron chair yet? I didn’t think so. I would like to clear something up.  The chair is totally safe to sit it…and mighty comfy.  I did use pins in an awesome upholstering job but you would have never known had I not told you…I swear.  Super comfy…super thick foam.  No stab wounds reported. Yet… :P

This room has come a long ways in the past few months…(read more about our progress here)

Picnik collagebedroom

Excuse the wrinkly duvet cover. I didn’t realize how wrinkly it was until I uploaded the pictures…and now it’s dark. I have no idea how it got so wrinkly…


Makes you want to spend the night, huh?  Luckily he’s cute..


We still plan to add a gallery wall (on the big blank wall) and crown molding.  I would also like to get a cheap (priced cheap, not cheap looking) chandelier to replace the boob light.  Yes, Mom, I wrote boob light.

Do you think I should wash that duvet cover before my parents come for the week-end? ;)


  1. The dog just belongs there as a part of the decor! Love the last photo.

  2. it looks wonderful! love the touch of the mirror!
    and wanted to tell you the other day i think you are adorable! your hair is so cute!

  3. Oh my goodness, you just HAD to call it a boob light, didn't you? Now that's all I'll ever be able to think of when I see one of those light fixtures. But other than hardly being able to tear my eyes away from the ceiling boob, I love this room! It looks amazing! Your chair is just incredible, and I love the little touches of yellow. So pretty!

  4. LOL! I call it a boob light too, lol! Ikea has a cute not over-the-top chandelier for like $40. I have one in a box waiting for me to get off my tail & hang it. I love Ike!

  5. Careful...your guests won't want to leave :)
    I really like the color scheme you chose. And that headboard is awesome! You two and your fancy headboards!

  6. It looks really great! Love the touches of yellow and the white curtains. May have to pick up some white curtains for myself.

  7. Looking great! I love the grey and yellow combo and I would never, ever get sick of looking at your yellow chevron chair. Have you told your dog this is a guest room or doe he think it's his room?

  8. that cool gray is just gorgeous! and your pup looks so comfy...

  9. Love the room it really is coming together nicely. What are the length of your curtains?

  10. Love how the room is looking! How do you get your dog to pose for such great pics? Are you also a pet photographer, or have any tips?

    Last post:

  11. Great update! That chair adds such an awesome vibe!

    I've been dreaming about replacing our boob lights too. I saw a bee skep at the antique store the other day and I can't quit thinking about how one would turn it into a pendant light. Too bad my electrician husband won't help me figure it out... ;)

  12. This is so pretty! I love the yellow accents!

  13. The room looks amazing! I'm obsessed with the wall color, what is that?

    Your dog cracks me up!

  14. I LOVE it! And I'm definitely not sick of the yellow chair.

  15. Wow! It look absolutely fabulous and I love the color combo you have going on in this space. The chair is gorgeous as is that darling pillow on the bed. The mirror is perfect too! Thanks so much for linking this up to Inspiration Friday this week!

  16. Wow~ it is absolutely beautiful! I love the pretty soothing colors and pops here and there- loving your chevron chair too and of course your sweet pup is just adorable! Would love for you to come share this at Feathered Nest Friday :)

  17. Visiting from the house tour! I love the color scheme!! Gray and Yellow are awesome!!

  18. seriously... Ike's expression here kills me!!! lol... too cute!

  19. The last picture with your dog made me laugh. He is too cute! Love the chevron chair and the new paint color. Lovely room!

  20. Definitely a theme with the yellow and gray guest rooms in this leg of the house tour party! Great room - love the colors and that chair is fantastic!!

  21. i like this bedroom decoration so much , thank you


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