Monday, April 18, 2011

Stupid Curtains

I asked Nate what I should title this post…and there you have it…

For my new readers, I have been waiting on West Elm's Opaque Linen Pole-Pocket Panels for 2 months.  You can read about my impatience here, here, and here.

They finally arrived 2 weeks ago.  We were busy doing yard work last week-end and didn’t get them hung.  It just about killed me.  Seriously.

This week-end it decided to snow (awesome) so I am happy to report that they are now hanging beautifully in our bedroom. I wish I had some better lighting this morning.  It was gloomy yesterday so I waited in hopes of some sun but still gloom.  They are talking 12 straight days of significant rainfall. Go Iowa.  I also really need to learn how to use our DSLR….and get rid of that ceiling fan…

April 2011 104 

 April 2011 087

I like how they soften the room but don’t disturb the view.  I think they are perfect (but not perfectly fluffed yet).  I’d almost say that they were worth the wait but I won’t go that far.  My impatient side won’t let me. I did get 5% cash back from the wait though (my credit card started offering 5% cash back on purchases at home stores…awesome!).

Anyone else have a husband who loves hanging curtains?  Who can convince Nate that the ceiling fan must go?

Did you notice our curtain rods?  We made them ourselves….more on that tomorrow!


  1. they look beautiful!! Can't wait to hear about the DIY curtain rods!!

    My hubby hates hanging curtains, esp when it is re-hanging rods that i want higher and wider! :)

    i dont think i would remove the ceiling fan though, i love a nice air circulation in the bedroom in the summer. Maybe i would change out the fixture for something a bit more modern?

  2. Curtains look great Michelle! I hate to be a fun killer but taking out the ceiling fan sounds like a bad idea. The ceiling fan is the only thing that saved me in a second story bedroom in an Iowa summer. Sorry. :o(

  3. They look great.

    And I have to agree with Midwest at Heart - I'm a ceiling fan lover. I'd never have a bedroom without one. ;)

  4. Love the new curtains. I hate ceiling fans in the bedroom. They give me a stiff neck so I am in complete support of your idea to rid your bedroom of that thing. Do you have AC?

  5. how do you like the curtains? I've been searching for curtains for the 4 years we have loved in our house. I need four 108" panels for our living room and don't want to break the bank. I almost bought some at west elm last weekend but they were out of stock. I took that as a sign to wait a little longer to find something i'm 100% sure about. I did, however, buy a king size window headboard while I was there and now I'm kicking myself after seeing your DIY tutorial. I just linked here from AT. well done.

  6. Sorry, I'm with Nate. I can't sleep without a fan in the summer. It's just too hot. I'm all for comfort over decor in this case.

    P.S. I need to show you a picture of my dining room project. I think it turned out pretty good.

  7. I HATE waiting for things on backorder! But they really are beautiful.

    Can't wait to hear about your curtain rod - I have curtains waiting to go in my bay window and I haven't found a rod that will work, so they are still sitting on the floor.

  8. You ladies are killing me on this ceiling fan business. :P

  9. I love the colors of your bedroom! Where did you get your bedding?

  10. Our bedding is the West Elm parachute duvet...figured if I was going to "steal" their headboard design, I should at least purchase something from them.

    We are really happy with the curtains. The quality is really good. West Elm doesn't dissapoint...only on pricing...


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