Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dyson DC28 Animal

When registering for our wedding, Nate and I joked about adding a Dyson to our registry. No one in their right mind would spend that much on a vacuum for us and we definitely weren’t going to shell out the cash for a fancy vacuum.

Fast forward 5 years and I’m writing a blog post about our vacuum, the Dyson Animal….that we paid $47.90 for. (Read more about it here.  I would like to thank Mr. Zuckerberg for his wonderful social network creation). 

Do we like our Dyson Animal?

February11 018

Short answer: Yes!

Long answer:

It definitely has it’s pros.

It does have amazing sucking power.  We also own a  Bissell Pet Hair Eraser that we paid ~$140 for.  The Dyson does suck up more than the Bissell.  Does it suck up enough to make up for the $500.00 price difference?  I, personally, don’t think so. 

The Dyson is very well designed.  The handle makes it easy for little ol’ me to carry it up and down 2 flights of stairs.

February11 019

It’s easy to dump out the contents…just a click of a button. The Bissell definitely involves some touching of nastiness while the Dyson is nasty-touching free.

February11 014

The attachments are nice.  Good for cleaning 2 sets of stairs.

The cord is long and reaches half way across our house.

I don’t really have any more cons about the vacuum.  It is a little hard to push in comparison to the Bissell but I attribute that to the extra sucking power.

Having said that, would I buy it again for $47.90? Absolutely!

Would I buy it for $599.00?  No…unless I win the lotto and researchers have found a cure for every horrible disease imaginable and I have no other useful place to put my money.  The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser is a pretty comparable vacuum with a much more agreeable price.

If I’m going to pay $599.00 for a vacuum, it’s going to vacuum the floors for me…and maybe even fold my laundry afterwards.....


  1. I cannot believe that you got it for so little. How did I miss the notice about the Lowe's gift-a-thon? That's awesome!

  2. Haha I am SOOOO with you! The Hubs just bought a refurbished Dyson for like $200 and I still thought that was ridiculous. :) He loves it and it makes him want to vaccuum so I guess that is worth it!

  3. Liking Lowe's on facebook is a good idea!! (And my husband is a computer nerd which doesn't hurt either).

    Yeah, Nate wanted to vacuum more too...unfortunately that didn't last long. :P

  4. Wow, less that $50.00, that is incredible. We have the Bissell, pet hair is a pretty decent vacuum. I'm glad to read your comparison, glad we spent $140 on the Bissell instead of $500 on the Dyson, we registered for it too...of course no one bought it for us.


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