Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bedroom Progress

While I wait impatiently patiently for our duvet to arrive, I have been working on getting some other things in order.

Let's review what the bedroom looked like before:

And here it is currently:

(The black thing on the floor is Ike's skunk. He kept dropping it in my pictures. Whatever.)

I removed the decals from the wall, started cleaning up the nightstands, and replaced the lamps.

I found the replacement lamps at TJMaxx. 

I think they are a better size than the previous lamps from Target.  The Target lamps will now live in the guest room.

Still on the to-do list:
  • finish the headboard
  • wait for the duvet to arrive
  • look for some cheap blue/grey/silver/white books
  • ponder hanging something above the headboard
  • talk nate into replacing the ceiling fan with a cute chandelier like this...if only ceiling fans weren't a neccesity in Iowa....a girl can dream....
Home - Worlds Away: Venis Capiz Chandelier by: Worlds Away furniture - - Venis Capiz Chandelier
image found here

Who doesn't love a to-do list?  Any other suggestions?


  1. I love that chandelier ;) If you can't find any books, you can always get some blue/white/silver wrapping or scrapbook paper and wrap any old book to get the look you want. That's what designer Sarah Richardson had displayed in her office when I met her.

    Thanks for including me on your blog roll!

  2. The chandelier is awesome! ceiling fan in the second story master bedroom during an Iowa summer is not pretty. But, to each his own. That's a really good idea with the wrapping paper. You could wrap up all the stupid, old textbooks you have. :o) I know I have tons.

  3. I actually got rid of a bunch of my text books..they were just taking up I am kicking myself. :P

    And the ceiling fan is staying...for now. Not being stuffy trumps design. Sad.

  4. Love that chandelier!!! I vote yes on the pink & white laundry room. He'll never notice. I hate laundry too. Anything to help make it more enjoyable!


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