Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Quick and Easy Craft #2- Home Sweet Home Sprinkle Art

While I am soaking up the rays in Florida (while wearing SPF 50 and a big floppy hat), I will leave you with 4 days worth of quick and easy crafts. You may have seen some of them multiple times. Some may be new. All with be easy, fairly quick and inexpensive ways to entertain your friends. Enjoy!

I have a secret for you.  In order to get your supposedly non-crafty friends pumped about crafting, you need to start with a ridiculously easy (yet super cute) craft.  It will get them all encouraged and loving paint and glue.  Trust me.

I started my best buds out with a little “Home Sweet Home” art that I had been wanting to try. 

Home Sweet Home Sprinkle Art

Materials needed:

  • Cardstock
  • White marker (We used a paint pen.)
  • Printed copy of your state
  • Glue
  • Sprinkles


Center your copy of your state on the cardstock.  Trace with the white pen.  We were cursing Iowa’s river borders but probably not as much as those city workers trying to protect downtown Davenport from flooding.  Wait, we were probably worse.



Add your “Home Sweet Home” saying wherever you would like.  We all choose different locations. I also like that this craft uses your own handwriting.  It’s like a little time capsule.  Sort of. It sounds good.


Make a heart in your favorite location using glue.


Dump sprinkles on the wet glue.  This was the most fun part. I just love sprinkles.



Bam.  You’re done.  Your friends think they are crafting masterminds.



I really like how we each did our own take on a super simple project.


Frame that baby.  Super cute and simple art.  Crating for the win.


  1. these are so fun and cute! sprinkles make everything better- ice cream AND art! and brownies. and cookies.

  2. I love easy projects! There's just so much instant gratification. I need that.

  3. ahhhh I love all the home sweet home crafts.. i have never seen one with made with sprinkles! Genius girl!

  4. Awesome. Sprinkles. Sweet Home. And you can eat the craft leftovers!

  5. Adorable!!! I totally want to make one. With glitter instead of sprinkles. Because I'm that creative and unique.

  6. These are super cute especially using sprinkles! I have made a home sweet home picture before but just used paint.

    I have to say Iowa looks a lot easier to trace than Massachusetts was. :)


  7. Are sprinkles the new glitter?!
    It looks cute - I love how colorful the hearts are :)

  8. Love these! I think I need to make my friends who claim not the be crafty do fun crafty projects like these.
    Are these edible sprinkles? Will they disintegrate eventually?

  9. LOVE the idea to use sprinkles! They're less messy than glitter and you can EAT 'EM!

  10. awe that is cute. and really who doesnt lurrrvee sprinks!

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