Wednesday, January 16, 2013

DIY Scarf Hanger

Today I would like to share with you an $8.00/1 hour project that has improved our marriage.

DIY Scarf Hanger from Decor & the Dog

Yes, a scarf hanger has improved our marriage drastically enough that I feel the need to tell the world about it.

You see, I kind of took over a little area of our closet.  This area has hooks for belts and ties.  Or scarfs.  (I totally Googled the plural of “scarf”.  “Scarfs” and “Scarves” are acceptable.  The things you learn here at Decor and the Dog.)  Nate could no longer reach a belt or tie.  He’d get annoyed and throw my scarves (thought I’d use them both to see which one I liked better) on the floor.  I would be annoyed that my precious scarves were thrown on the floor.  Vicious cycle.


How’d we make it?

  • We purchased a 1x6.  Nate cut it down to 24” and sanded it nicely.
  • I painted it all pretty like (Polka dots are my new love).
  • We added 6 hooks purchased from Menard’s. 
  • Ike kept an eye on the hammer.


  • Nate hung the scarf hanger on the wall with some screws and wall anchors.
  • All was right again in our closet…and lives.


diy scarf hanger by decor and the dog

diy scarf hanger

My scarves are happier.  I am happier.  Nate is happier.  Ike is always happy.  Life is good.  And I have still have room for more scarves. Yes!

Do your scarves need a new home?  Are you a scarf hoarder?  What inexpensive project has improved your love life?


  1. a.)i love scarves but mine are stored all crumpled up because hanging space is a precious comodity in the worlds smallest aparement. The bedroom closet has a shower in it b.) I miss Menards a whole heck of a lot!

  2. Ooh, I love it! I am a total scarf hoarder. (I got 4 new ones for Christmas). I've taken over the over the door hook behind our closet door + a drawer. The over-the-door solution works OK, but I think I need to find one with hooks that look more like yours so the scarves don't overlaps as much!
    PS LOVE the polka dots

  3. Oh my goodness, Ike holding the hammer! That's enough to make me wake up this morning. SO CUTE. Also, I love a good scarf hanger! Who says things can't be pretty? People could totally use this for jewelry too.

  4. Not a bad idea at all. Mine are in places I forget. So I don't wear them. I'm one of those people...

  5. I want one! But more than that, I want your scarf collection! Mmmm, floral scarfs. Scarves. Either way.

  6. You have a serious amount of scarfs... scarves... neck wear.

  7. I too have a horrendous scarf addiction. My closet is exploding with them. Lately, I've been draping them over a hangar, and... the scarfs are too heavy. I've broken 3 hangars. What I'm trying to say is, thanks for the solution lady. Also, I could just eat Ike up. Or put him in my pocket.

  8. so i couldn't help but notice the deer scarf. does it hang around here often? har dee har. love he hanger, too!

  9. Replies
    1. My god I have a dirty mind.

  10. 1. You have a great scarf collection! I especially love the striped one and the black with big floral print. Super cute.
    2. I need one of these, too. I just have all my scarves tossed over a hanger, where they all slide to one end and then slowly slip out of the hanger and onto the floor. Annoying.
    3. I also need to figure out some sort of hat organizer dealie. Maybe you could work on that next and share your results?
    4. I cannot accept 'scarfs'. That's just not okay.

  11. You do have a lot of scarves!
    This is totally a great solution - I'm glad it saved your marriage ;)

    I only wear thick, fuzzy scarves to keep warm in the winter. I want to rock the "fashion" scarf... but I just can't pull it off.

  12. It's perfect! I love a deep love for polka dots too. We are a match made in heaven. ;)

  13. I love the polka dots! I know that's shocking, right? I have mine in one of those ikea organizers. It's a total fail, but that's pretty much my entire disorganized closet!

  14. Yay for marriage saving DIY projects!

    Can I borrow a scarf? ;)

  15. The polka-dots are cutes. Nice simple marriage-saving project -LOL

  16. My scarves are all thrown in a basket- tote thingy. I am seriously lacking wall space in my closet.

  17. You couldn't have posted this at a better time. I have all my scarves piled in a basket and as a result I end up wearing the same one over and over and just hang it on my door. I need to do this asap.

  18. I'm jealous of your scarf collection!! I've always wanted to get on the fashion scarf train but I just haven't made it there yet. So glad your marriage is saved!

  19. Purty scarves! It's a good thing when a DIY project can save a marriage. I'll let my husband know.

  20. Perfect solution! DIY projects ARE good for marriages!

  21. I love scarves and your personal scarf collection. Marriage-saving projects are also good. My own scarfs scarves are shoved unceremoniously in a wooden box in my closet...and Rick's ties are hung meticulously on a hanger all facing the same way and at the same length. This is why he is a pharmacist and I am....not someone who hands out deadly medicine. :P

  22. Love this! I have a scarf problem as well, but I hang them on a hanger, and they get wrinkled :(. I like this much better. Btw, I use the same hooks that you used here, to hand all of my necklaces inside our closet, they are really long, and needed to be hanged on the wall.

  23. Oops, forgot to ask, you painted inside your closet? If so, you you like to paint mine as well? ;)

  24. What do you use the money jar for that's in the one photo? :)

  25. I have a pashmina/scarf obsession (I literally wear them EVERYDAY... even when it's not that cold out!) and I tried those scarf hangers for your closet and it was a disaster. I actually used a over-the-door hat rack and our lives have been much better for it. I'm also able to see all of my scarves, which makes me happy.

    I like your DIY project and I sort of want to copy it because I like pretty things, too. Hence all my scarves.

  26. While I only own one scarf, I do like this project. Although, I would love to pickup a nautical themed pashmina afghan, if just for gags.

  27. I dot care what google says. It's scarves. With that out of the way, I like your projects. Hooks in closets are the way to go.

  28. Oh, I adore that lovely Scarf Hanger!
    Yes, I am a proud Scarf Collector/Hoarder. I have so many I lost count, & this Friday I want to buy a new one... in chinese Red! :D

  29. Cute! This makes me want to go buy more scarves...


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