Friday, September 7, 2012

$500 & Buffalo Roam

Last (but definitely) not least in this guest blog series is Amy from Buffalo Roam.

Amy recently moved into her newly built home.  I like Amy's unique (good unique...just to clarify)  decorating style and sense of humor...which you'll see below.  Amy's decorating style is different than mine but I really like her bathroom and kitchen..which you'll see below.


Hi there! I'm Amy, from Buffalo Roam and I'm delighted to be at Michelle's today. Decor and the Dog was one of the first blogs I really got hooked on. Michelle sucked me right in with her wit and fantastic projects. But then you already know that, because here you are!
Michelle is going to be taking a little breather and while she's gone, she asked me what I would do if she were to give me $500. She quickly clarified that this is a hypothetical $500, which made me sad. Guest bloggers don't make that kind of dough? Lame.
Even lamer was my first thought: "I would buy a maid. And a burrito."
I don't know where the burrito thing came from, but my husband and I built a new home this year and I'm still coughing up construction dust. Hence the maid. Also hence a very uninteresting guest post.
So I'm going with the second thing that came to mind: Stuff with which to fill up our new crib.
This is our living room.
I'm finding that it takes a long time to settle in and make a brand new place feel like home. I think in this room, what I'm most lacking is a rug.
Something warm like this:
And because I can't help myself and have to keep things a little country and rustic, I would overlay the rug with a hide.
I've probably already reached my $500 budget with those two things, but in my world they are on clearance and left just enough to add some sorely needed bar stools to our kitchen island.
Ahem.. The other side of the kitchen island. Of which I've never taken a picture, evidently.
Maybe these?
Kidding! I have no intentions of galloping into the sunset just to eat a corn dog in my own kitchen.
What I'd really like is something like this:
Simple, clean, have the word saddle in their title, yet lack stirrups. Perfect. And the fact that they're available at Target for $30 makes me and Michelle happy, once I tell her I expect $500 for writing such a stellar and intriguing post.
Kidding, Michelle! Or am I....
Thank you for having me! It's been fun spending other people's imaginary money.

Amy blogs about her new home and ridiculously cute kid over at Buffalo Roam.


  1. Bahaha - I actually have a saddle on its stand sitting in my living room. If my dogs wouldn't eat it, I would love a cowhide rug somewhere in our house...

  2. Hahaha! For a minute I though you were serious about those stools and I was thinking "Uh Amy, I think you may have taken this 'rustic' thing a little too far." ;)

  3. COW HIDE!!!! Seriously, Best purchase I have made (aside from the house) in the past MANY months!!

  4. Love those stools (the second ones... not so fond of the actual saddle stool- I'm with Ashley: that takes the rustic thing too far!). Those rugs would be perfect for your living room.... I'm thinking you really do need this $500! lol

  5. I like the cow hide idea. You guys need some horses STAT. Isn't it great spending other people's money!

  6. I spend imaginary money all the time! And I'm sure Amy would even find more to buy because she would figure out how to find that rug at Kohl's in the super duper deep discount bin marked down from $500 to $1.99 ... cuz that's what Amy does!

    And Michelle, I advocate for paying Amy the $500 for her stellar and intriguing guest post ...



  7. Get the cowhide ASAP! I have one layered over another rug and it's indestructible! My dogs would have destroyed the other rug if the cowhide wasn't on top of it haha Just sayin' :)

  8. That is funny! I'm liking that saddle stool (the crazy one) for my 4 year old... Not so much for my kitchen island!

  9. Giddy-Up! Love those saddle stools even if they are a big ridiculous.

    Get the cowhide - it would fit in your room so well.

    And I agree with everyone else, Michelle - give Amy the $500!!

  10. Loving the hide. And just for the record, I know you and I don't believe you eat corn dogs or burritos... ;)

  11. Amy is as funny as all get out, or is that - as all giddy up?


  12. that reminds me! I took a photo of some bar stools...that totally reminded me of you. I will have to instagram it so you can see. I imagine my friends were thinking weirdooooo when I said "I have to take a photo of those barstools for my online house blogging friend, these are right up her alley!"

  13. Ha! Good call on the maid.
    The rugs and bar stools are also good choices :)

  14. Is it weird that my mind went straight to the Texas Roadhouse birthday saddle stool when I saw this one? If you got it, it'd be like having your birthday everyday at Texas Roadhouse, but in your own house.

  15. I love your living room Amy! That hide rug would look pretty great in there!


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