Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Easy Sew Apron in a Mason Jar

Last week I shared with you my Pass It Along Project which was aprons in Mason jars.  Shove anything into a Mason jar and a blogger will love it.   Seriously.  Anything.  Use your imagination.



I chose aprons because I knew my recipients like to cook/bake.  Why I chose sewing as my contribution to the project, I am still not sure.  I like to sew.  I’m okay at it but I have this attention deficit problem.  I should have switched up apron fabric or something to keep me interested.  I have made a pact with Nate.  Anytime I decide to be crazy and ponder opening an Etsy shop, he will remind about the time I made four aprons.  He could even direct me to this post.  But don’t worry, one apron is a piece of cake!

It doesn’t help that my sewing machine has it out for me.  Seriously.  I’m adding a new sewing machine to my Christmas list and my current one will find a new home….where it can torture someone else with it’s bobbin issues.

Anywho, today I’m going to share with you the easy sew apron tutorial.  Be prepared to be amazed at how easy this is.  Don’t worry if you’re afraid of your sewing machine.  You can do this.  I mean, my sewing machine has it out for me and I still made four.

For one apron, you will need:

  • One 26x18  inch rectangle (for the body of the apron)
  • One 26x8 inch strip (for the bottom trim of the apron)
  • One 95-105x8 inch strip (for the sash/tie)
    • The length can vary on this.  I used a little shorter (95”) on these because I was too cheap to buy more fabric.  The shorter lengths tie in the back.  Longer will allow you to tie in the front.
    • You can either cut one continuous length if you have enough fabric or you can sew pieces together to make the length desired.


Start by ironing the 26x8 inch strip in half.  Then iron in 1” on each long edge.


Open the 26x8” strip.  Place the 26x18” rectangle on top.  Align the fabric along the 1” fold.



Pin the two pieces together and sew along the top edge.  (I have no idea what seam allowance I used.  I just pick something that will hold the fabric together.  Fancy pants sewer.)

Fold and press in 1" on each side of the 26x8” piece.  Fold over and press another inch on each side.  Pin and sew along both edges.





Look at the pretty apron front.  You’re almost there. You can totally do this.

Grab your 95-105x8 inch strip.  (You will need to press this strip in half and also 1” on each side like you did with the 26x8 inch strip.  Stupid pressing.)


Center the apron on the strip.  Place the apron on top of the 1” fold in the strip.


Pin closed.  (Pretend the following photo has pins.)


You need to tidy up the ends before sewing the whole shebang together.  Fold in about 1” and then fold over again.  Pin.



Start at one edge and sew along the bottom of the entire sash.


Yay!  You made an apron.  I knew you could do it.

To complete the project, get yourself a Mason jar.  I found these four in the clearance section of Target for $1.00 a piece.  Awesome.  Fold the apron and shove it in the jar…nicely, of course.


I attached a favorite recipe with a ribbon.  I used the free vintage printable recipe cards from Love vs. Design.  Can’t beat free.


Any questions?  Are you an apron fan? What would you love delivered to you in a Mason jar?  I’m thinking cookies would be perfect right now…


  1. These are sew cute...(gosh that was bad). I would like White Lightning delivered in a mason jar :)
    I do love this idea!

  2. My favorite line was "shove anything in a Mason jar..." LOL this morning!

  3. I love mine! In fact, I used it last night. I promise I'm going to do a post about it and give you complete props, but I want to figure out what I'm going to make first. I'm so slack.

  4. I love aprons - I feel so domestic when I wear them haha. I also enjoy mason jars so I'm a fan of this gift. I may borrow the idea when Christmas rolls around!

  5. Ooh pretty! You are a sewing superwoman.

    If Nate put that Simpsons poster that you *love* into a mason jar, would you love it even more?

  6. My brain just exploded, but your aprons are adorable. Seriously. Love them! And you're so right about the mason jar.

  7. Love your aprons, although I only use the ones that cover your whole front, cause I'm a messy cook. I total understand your frustration with your sewing machine, mine does the same to me as well. I think anything homemade in a mason jar sounds fabulous to me just about now.

  8. This is such a clever gift idea! I may have to try it out for Christmas this year, if I can get my sewing machine to cooperate!

  9. Those are so adorable! almost makes me wish I knew how to sew!

  10. So cute and easy; this really was a great idea! My mom made me an apron a while ago, but I always forget to wear it.

  11. That actually sounds kinda do-able... I say, in my optimistic state. But I would probably hate my sewing machine by the end of it. Oh BTW, Mila is still in 3-6 month size, so your call on whether you want to send the onesies. :)

  12. Not gonna lie-- I didn't read the whole tutorial. But I trust that it's very detailed and well written. I will pin it and use it for when the mood strikes me to make an apron.

    I'd love a fat wad of cash delivered to me in a 64 oz mason jar.

  13. This turned out so cute. I'm seriously considering doing these for our department cookie exchange for the unites. Wouldn't that be so fun? I wot d it, but I'm thinking about it.

  14. Wow....I could do that....!!! I decided to start sewing in 3 years when Adlee starts preschool. ;-)

  15. So, I know this is going to sound crazy, but...


    I'm a new visitor, I love your blog, sister-separated-at-birth!

  16. I love the fabric you chose! These will make awesome, useful gifts!!

  17. What a wonderful wonderful gift. I am in love with the presentation especially :)


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