Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Zip Lining in Costa Rica

I did it.  I survived zip lining in Costa Rica.  I originally thought it was Nate’s way of cashing in on my life insurance policy.  Not so lucky this time dear husband.

Let me start with the fact that I am a very cautious person and I’m also afraid of heights.  Two steps on a step ladder and I start to get all nervous.  So how’s about I go flying through the jungle on some death trap?  Yeah, how’s about no.


I posted on my personal facebook page that I was certain Nate was trying to end my life and make it look like an accident.  My dear friends kindly informed me that I can’t go to Costa Rica and not zip line.  What did I gather from this?  That my friends wanted me dead too. 

Somehow Nate convinced me I would survive.  Also the brochure that included a kid in a wheelchair zip lining helped seal the deal.

We took a 15 minute bus ride to the zip lining place of death (The Congo Trail Canopy Tour).  The guides get you set up in your gear…a helmet, stinky gloves and a harness apparatus that gives you a giant wedgie.


(Please ignore the look of fear in my eyes.  The fear was from dying and being groped by a Costa Rican man.)

Helmets on and we’re ready to go…


Wait.  Are we?


I change my mind.  Oh, too late now? Fine.  Whatever.


Holy crap. I really change my mind now.  Nate assures me I’ll be fine.  I made him promise me that he’d show this picture to his next wife.


I made it to the first death release point.  I was really close to chickening out.  The guide hooked me up and set me free.  **Be sure to notice my huge biceps.**


And you know what?  It was a ton of fun.  I loved it.  The tour had 11 lines.  That first leap was awful but then it turned into complete awesomeness.

After the first few lines, I decided that maybe Nate just wanted to have fun in Costa Rica.  I kept a close eye on him though…and made him take a bunch of touristy pictures with me.



More proof that we did, in fact, go zip lining.  I really was having fun.  I was just concentrating on not running into a tree.




The views throughout the tour were gorgeous. The mist of water along the upward trail was awesome too.  All parks should have those.





If you get the chance to zip line, you must do it. This is coming from a he-giant chicken girl.  I will go again in a heart beat.  If I can survive it, you totally can!


Have you been zip lining?  Any desire to go or are you a big chicken?  Bock bock.


  1. I so want to go-but am beyond afraid of heights; can't even do escalators without a paperbag, shot of whiskey and my husband to hide behind; I love your pictures, looks like you had a blast-maybe I'll work up the nerve someday,lol.

  2. Groped by a Costa Rican man, haha. From the picture he doesn't look that bad to be groped by. :P

    Looks like a ton of fun. But reminds me of that new South Park episode where they all almost die from zip-lining boredom. I can't wait to see the monkey post though! My parents just went to Costa Rica a few months ago, and they did the whole monkey thing.

  3. That's awesome! Looks super cool. I'm not generally chicken of that kind of thing. I'm chicken of things that I make up... like the little bumps at night to which I wake up my husband at 3am to tell him that someone's in the house. He loves that.

  4. Wow that looks AWESOME. I think I'd be like you - scared to death at first, and then think it was great. Thanks for sharing!!

  5. That's hilarious. I'm not a fan of heights or jumping from said heights, but this does look like a great time.

  6. I've been zip lining before and it is soo scary. I'm not sure I would've been able to do a whole tour! The photos are beautiful and I'm so glad you two had a good time!

  7. So glad you did it! We went for the first time a few years ago on our honeymoon (Jamaica!) and IT. WAS. AWESOME.

  8. SO FUN! I totally want to go. I'm glad Nate's plan to cash in on life insurance didn't work out. You probably saved yourself with the huge biceps. Keep working out so you're ready for his next attempt.

  9. We went zip lining on our honeymoon in St. Lucia, it was amazing and such a fun day :) So glad you enjoyed!

  10. "he-giant chicken girl" hahahahahha
    I'm deathly afraid of heights too but I've always wanted to zipline. This gives me some courage. Now if someone would just buy me a ticket to Costa Rica I'd be set.

  11. So awesome! Kind of making me regret not zip lining while in Costa Rica, d'oh.

  12. Jealous. So so jealous. That looks absolutely incredible!

  13. We went to Costa Rica on our honeymoon and did the ziplining thing too (since apparently it's mandatory and all). Just be glad that you didn't look around at the pretty scenery, therefore causing yourself to slow down so much that you come to a dead stop about 20 feet away from the platform and have to crawl upside down and backwards like a sloth to get there. Yes that happened to me, and yes after that I did give up on looking at the pretty scenery and instead just enjoyed the ride. :)

    1. Haha that's funny because my mother did the same thing, but not because she wanted a better look at the scenery because she was so scared. she said one of the guys that works there had to scoot out and push her back in!!

  14. That looks awesome! I've always wanted to try ziplining...we're planning on it when we go on our honeymoon in the Riviera Maya in September. Also, your facial expressions are awesome.

  15. I have never been on a zip line but I do have a hilarious story about my mother on one! I guess she got nervous and slowed her thing down so much that she stopped right in the middle of the zip line and couldnt get going. and a guy that worked there had to scoot out there and give her a push ahahaha I laugh every time I think about it!!

    I would be scared too but I hear it is pretty fun...as long as you don't stop yourself right in the middle of the jungle that is!

  16. I never knew that ziplining could actually be a tour of some gorgeous scenery! I always thought they just pushed you out once and that was it. Your experience sounds way cooler.

  17. I'm DYING to do this!!

    As long as it doesn't actually involve dying.

  18. Welcome home! I'm afraid of heights too, so I totally understand your hesitation. I'm so glad you survived!

  19. You totally crack me up! Glad to hear you survived and are no longer a chicken...I, on the other hand am a big chicken! It does look like SO much fun but I am terrified of heights and would probably have a heart attack walking up there. I am impressed by your bravery! Welcome home!

  20. Dang. Nate promised me 10% of your life insurance policy. Soooo I bought you a sky diving Groupon as a very early birthday present. It expires in 3 months. Hop to it, mama needs a new sofa.

    Yeah, I don't really like wedgies or heights. I'd probably scream like a little girl and scare all the monkeys, resulting in a monkey jumping on my face. You're definitely a bad a$$ in my book.

  21. My (now) husband too me Zip Lining in the NH White Mountains.... I was terrified and he thought it was funny to jump on the rope ladder and make it all shaky. He believed me when I almost threw up all over him, though not enough for him to not push me off the first line. Clearly I survived and I had a lot of fun. I would recommend adding it to your list of things to do in NH (cuz everyones dream vacation is to the 603). I'm glad you were able to conquer that fear. Looking forward to reading more about your adventures.

  22. Looks like you guys had a great trip! I've never been there. I have had a huge craving for some good zip lining like this for a while now... I guess I'll live vicariously! :)


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