Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Hey! Guess what?  You all are attending a baby shower today.  Bet you weren’t prepared for that one, were you?


Kelly and Andy over at View Along the Way are expecting their second baby any day now. A group of fellow bloggers and I are celebrating by throwing a surprise virtual shower.  We’ll be sharing food, games, drinks, decorations and gifts.

Virtual showers are awesome.  No one has to see my annoyed looks after the 604th pacifier is unwrapped.  I will miss actually eating the cake/finger foods though.

Erin at His and Hers asked if I would like to be in charge of a handmade gift.  Yes, please!  Minor problem.  I was gone all week-end and am working extra hours at work this week.  Doh.  But Kelly is one of my favorite blog buddies so I totally wanted to send some baby love her way.

Here’s what I came up with…


I brought back the appliqued onesie.  I love this gift because it’s easy to personalize and also easy to whip up in a time crunch.

Kelly is from Georgia.  She is a Bulldogs fan (Hence the red for Georgia.  I did get this right, right Kelly? Otherwise your blog led me astray.).  And baby girl is totally going to be the star of her Mom’s blog.  Personalization for the win.  And Kelly lives many miles away so if she hates them I will never know the difference!  Distance for the win!

Here’s how I made them.  There is a right way to do make these…and the Michelle way.  I’ll share both.  Both strategies get you to the final product.

Step #1: Make a template of the shapes you want to use. Resize in photo editing software of your choice, if needed. I Googled my images and resized them in Photoshop Elements.


Step #2:  Gather the rest of your supplies.  You will need a onesie.  Fabric.  (Scraps will work.)  Heat n’ Bond Iron on adhesive.  Thread.  A sewing machine.  Maybe a diet Dew?


Step #3:  Michelle way:  Cut out your shapes and trace them onto the fabric.  Cut out shapes from fabric. Cut out iron on adhesive and iron onto fabric.  Get adhesive all over your iron.

Right way:  Apply iron on adhesive to your fabric following directions on package.  You will not get adhesive all over your iron.  Cut out desired shape from fabric/adhesive combo.

Step #4:  Remove backing from adhesive and iron shape onto onesie. 


I’ve read some reviews that you can stop at this point.  I like to make life difficult…and I’m not sure the shapes would make it through a washing.  Even though others say they will.  I think the stitching adds to the handmade feel of the gift.

Step #5:  Carefully stich around the appliqued shape.  You can hand stitch or use a sewing machine.  That Georgia coastline was rough.  Luckily Kelly understands that sewing is hard.




Be sure to head on over and visit the hosts, His and Hers and Neathering Our Fest.  Be sure to stop by View Along the Way and wish Kelly “good luck” with that whole labor thing!!

Here’s a handy list of the other shower festivities…

Jen & Katie have decorated.

Ange has whipped up our appetizers.

Visit Faith for a pink dessert.

Carrie took care of the beverage table with a punch that’s—you guessed it—pink.

Cassie also brought a handmade gift for the baby girl.

No shower is complete without the obligatory game, and Maury has two. (I promise you won’t have to do anything awkward like “guess the weight of the poop” or anything.)

Carol is taking care of YOU with a special (and practical!) handmade gift for the mama.

And on your way out, stop by to see Jean for your perfectly girlie favor.

Congrats Kelly and Andy!!!  Sleep now…while you can!! ;)

What’s your favorite last minute handmade baby gift idea?  Anyone else afraid to drink the water?  Everyone is shucking out kids.  Life must be trying to tell me something… 


  1. You girls are so thoughtful and creative! I agree that the stitching makes these look more hand made and give an added touch. I think this gift is adorable!

    My fave home spun gift? I love a handmade baby blanket if we're going traditional. The last shower I went to, somebody knitted or crocheted a little sac that the baby goes in like a mini pre-swaddled blanket with a matching hat the baby will look like a little pea in a pod for its first photo sesh.

    Congratulations Kelly!

  2. these are adorable! i love that they are cute and useful and stylish! :) win win win!

  3. These are adorable! I'm sure Kelly will love them!

  4. LOVE THEM! Jen and I are going to try our hand at these...but shhhh...don't tell Kelly!

  5. AHHHH SO cute and SO perfect for her!! She is indeed a bulldogs fan!! :) This is precious! Thanks so much for participating in the party!! Love it!

  6. Love these onesies! I think the onesie is a seriously overlooked gift. I know new mommies go through them like candy. These are particularly adorable!

  7. So cute! I love them. And like Maury said, onesies are such a great gift. All moms need more onesies!

    And yes. I'm terrified of the water. So!many!babies!

  8. This is adorable! I love the idea of having a virtual shower for your friend! She'll love them! :)

  9. That's it. You're in charge of making cute onesies for my future spawn. Indiana has pretty straight lines except for the bottom-- silly Ohio River. I'm sure Kelly's baby will love them!

  10. Hi I'm Michelle and I can whip up AMAZING personalized gifts in my crazy-busy schedule and make it look easy.
    Gaw some cop-outs for the rest of us. ;)

    Seriously, those are awesome. Start an Etsy store or something already.

  11. OMG Michelle! I LOVE them so much - and you totally nailed the bulldog thing! I was just lamenting with Andy that she doesn't have a single Bulldog outfit. (And I'm sorry I don't live in a nice square state like Kansas, though that's not something I say often.) Thank you thank you THANK YOU!! Gah I'm all giddy and so excited about this amazing surprise!

  12. SO SWEET! What a cute and clever gift from the heart. Thanks for sharing and hope you enjoy the rest of the day. Jalon

  13. Cute!! Thanks for "bringing" these. :)

  14. seriously i have never seen so many babies and pregnant people in my entire life. im scared. dan has me drinking only sealed bottled water. ahhhhhhh! so cute though, LOVE the onesies you made :O)!

  15. How adorable are those onesies!!!! It's funny, I just started following Kelly's blog. So thrilled for them.

  16. You are becoming quite the seamstress, lady!!! I LOVE this idea. How personal and practical all at the same time. Very nicely done Michelle!

  17. Great job, Michelle. I'm seriously impressed. I've always wanted to do this, but could never get my head around the stitching part. How do you stitch using a sewing machine without stretching out the neck of the onesie (or without sewing the front and the back together?)

  18. Cute, cute, cute! Great idea for some fun onesies that are one of a kind and personalized!


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