Friday, March 30, 2012

Awesome Stuff in My Life

Who wants to see awesome stuff in my life?


Awesome #1! Angry face wants bones.  But he’s pretty awesome.  (Please vote for Ike over at facebook for happiest dog.  I swear he really is the happiest dog…after bones.  He’s quite the diva.  Vote here!!)

Awesome stuff #2: These granola bites are beyond delicious.  Like I want to eat the entire mini muffin pan delicious.  You can find the recipe here.  So good. 


Awesome stuff #3:  My parents got me these Libbey County Fair glasses for my birthday.  They make my cupboard look happy.  And they are fun to drink out of.


Awesome stuff #4: I used some birthday moneys (The word “moneys” always makes me laugh.) to purchase the Madewell tote that I had been drooling over.  This tote cost more than all of the purses I have purchased in my life added together…but it’s so darn pretty.  And it was bought with birthday moneys.  It’s big and perfect.  I like to pet it because the leather is so soft…and real.  I’ve never owned real leather. 


I should probably change the mudroom art too, huh? Did you notice the bouncy tail at the bottom?

Awesome stuff #5:  Target donates extra stuff to our Salvation Army.  These brand new flats now belong to me.  $3.00.  Michelle for the win!


Don’t worry, he doesn’t eat shoes.  He just inspects them and reports to Nate if I make any new purchases.  True story.

Awesome stuff #6:  You may have read that I recently turned 30.  Guess that makes me elderly.  Elderly people need grapefruit spoons. I have been meaning to buy some grapefruit spoons since I moved out of my parents house about 12 years ago (holy cow, I’m getting old).  Quick Amazon search and this grapefruit spoon set arrived at my door 2 days later.  I have been missing you in my life dear grapefruit spoons.


Awesome stuff #7:  I made my first Dr. Bronner’s purchase.  Dr. Bronner’s and homemade granola bars.  I’m turning into quite the hippie.  This soap smells ridiculously good.  I’ve only used it a couple of days but my skin is less dry.  Coincidence?  I’ll keep you posted!


Awesome stuff #8:  It’s Friday!!!  I’m actually back at home helping my little brother paint his house.  I much prefer using free labor than being free labor. ;)

What’s awesome in your life lately?  Do share!!


  1. i love your new shoes! my old goodwill had target stuff but this one not so much. BOOOOO. and ike is awesome. and i want to try those granola bites! and pet your tote.

  2. I'd be loving all of those fun goodies too! Nice swag Michelle! I'm looking into those granola bites the second I publish this comment. I wish it was Friday! You tricked me, lol! I wish our Target sent cool new things over to our thrift shops.


  3. Ike is too cute. I know that look all too well. I have a grapefruit in my fridge just waiting to be devoured--but now I think I need those spoons! Hmmm....

  4. Grapefruit spoons? Holy cow, how did I not know they existed? I used to cut up grapefruit with a knife and then spoon them out :-)

  5. I'm with Lili, coming from Florida, you would think I had a clue about grapefruit I really want one....and those granola bites too. I also own those glasses, I bought them for my kiddos because they are so stinking them. Love Ike too, he is adorable, I'm heading now to vote for him!

  6. Anything drank out of a mason jar like object immediately becomes more fun.

  7. I LOVE this post! Those glasses are awesome. Have fun at your brother's!

  8. Awesome Fact #8 is true today! Yay Friday! Have fun painting this weekend :)

    I think I'm going to attempt that granola recipe. They seem like the perfect thing I could grab as I run out of the house (and trust me, I do that EVERY morning!).

  9. From Duluth, MN.

    Love. Your. Blog.
    Love. Your. Dog.
    An awesome thing? Hmmmm....
    Since it's spring and the Easter season, I'd have to say my bunny collection.
    Happy painting.

    ~ from duluth,mn.

  10. Oooh! I'll have to try those granola bites! I usually make my own granola (, but it doesn't travel well. Please tell the story about Ike inspecting your purchases-- that's hilarious.

    Erin @ The Great Indoors

  11. Hhehehe! I love you so much! And I love your bag second much. Went ahead and pinned that bad boy so I can show Dallas later... It is my birthday eve, after all. ;)

  12. Love this post, thanks for sharing all your awesome stuff although I am having major purse envy now! Found your blog via the Midwest Bloggers group, love it!

  13. I'm DROOLING over your bag. Well, except not OVER your bag, because drool is probably bad for leather. That just got weird. Anyway. I love the bag and it was worth every penny. Tell Nate I said so.

    You find the best deals on shoes. I think those are adorable and I'm not normally a fan of yellow. Or flowers.

    You ARE becoming a hippe! Next you're going to be eating vegetables. WATCH OUT.

    Things that are awesome in my life? I'm wearing a new shirt (it's from Costco, I am classy). I'm going to HOME tonight, I get to see my sister tomorrow and this weekend weather is supposed to be fabulous. Life is pretty great.

  14. How awesome!!!! I must be getting old as well cause I love those grapefruit spoons.

  15. Target flats for $3? Way to be. Enjoy your paint-filled weekend! You're such a nice older sister.

  16. Your list is looking, very very good. Can you send some of those granola bites my way?

  17. Ike is too funny - love that tail shot! Now you have me wanting grapefruit!

  18. I made the granola bites this morning! They added awesomeness to my life. I added peanut butter and some Craisin pomegranates. Sooooo gooood.... Must not eat entire pan today....

  19. 1. granola bites?? yum! can't wait to try them!
    2. i love, love those cups. they are so adorable!
    3. that BAG. *drool*

  20. Love your new bag and bargain shoes! I don't have grapefruit spoons either but I do have a few that I could use because my husband seems to always turn on the garbage disposal at the wrong time, haha!


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