Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Swap This…Day 1

Welcome to day one of “The Honey-Do List” blog swap!

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In honor of Valentine’s Day, I’ve teamed up with Erin @ His and Hers, Kelly @ View Along the Way, and Carrie @ Hazardous Design for four fun days in which we’ll be celebrating DIY life with our husbands.

We all know that without them, we wouldn’t get very far in our quests for home improvement. (Unless you are Ana White.  Darn you Ana White.)  For their humor, their encouragement, and their patience in the face of questions like “Are you sure we can’t move those curtain rods a little higher…for a third time?”, we think they deserve a big fat round of applause. Or at least four days of blog posts in which we talk about them.

Today’s topic over at His and Hers is “Why We Make a Good Team.”  Head on over and check out our deep thoughts.


Why do you and your DIY partner make a good team?  Or do you avoid the DIY stuff all together to avoid a divorce/break-up/etc?  Any big Valentine’s Day plans?  I think I’m snuggling with the dog while Nate is a slave to taxes.  Romantic.


  1. Happy v- day! I am puppy snuggling with a chick flick tonight. We did our v-day date last night as it was easier with the work schedules. We saw The Vow- so good!

    Keith and I make a good team because he can do all the tall projects, because I am vertically impaired. Also when I reach my breaking point, he has a good way of gaging the situation and coming up with a good solution.

  2. i'm working all day, as is Dan...but hopefully some snuggling later tonight :)! This sounds like a fun series :)

  3. Happy V-day! Nothing better than snuggling with Ike I bet! We are heading out with the kiddos for our Valentine's dinner, this happens once you have kids ;)

    I so wish my husband would help out around the house, he can't even put a nail in the wall! Oh well, good thing I'm handy.


  4. Happy Valentine's Day to You!!!! love and love and love - it says it all.

  5. We don't have any plans (we don't really celebrate Valentine's Day).

    Joe and I make a good DIY team because he stands back and lets me go crazy crafting, but then comes in and saves the day with his muscles and ability to use power tools :)

  6. Happy Valentine's Day! Will head on over to read more.

  7. What a great idea! I'm convinced the reason my DIY projects don't go far is because there is no partner to help.

  8. I'm coming from His and Hers, loved your insights!

  9. i tag along with Katie's other half and make him help me with DIY projects. i'm lucky he is a good brother in law. :)
    hope you two had a lovely valentine's!

  10. We make a good team but sometimes I we "argue" about how things are going to get done because there is my way (the right way of course) and then there is his way (the wrong way) of getting something done.

    No big Valentine's day plans mainly because I had class from 9am to 10pm then have to work from 11pm to 8am. Really didn't even get to see him.

  11. Happy V Day! Good luck with doing taxes. We've been putting it off.


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