Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sunday AM Glazed Donut Muffins

Don’t you just love Sunday mornings?  Yes, I know it’s Wednesday but I want it to be Sunday so I am going to pretend it is.  Or should I just blame Leap Day?  It messes me up.  Leap Day is keeping 29 another day longer though.  Thank you, Leap Day.

Where was I going with this?  Oh yes, Sunday mornings.

This past Sunday morning was particularly lovely.  I woke early-ish.  I read a little.  Wasted time on the internet a little.  The sun was shining.  The dog was snuggly.  My stomach started to growl.  Nate kept sleeping.  My stomach started to growl more.  Nate was still sawing logs.

I decided to start breakfast without the accounting zombie.  I headed on over to my Nom Nom Breakfast Board and picked out Glazed Donut Muffins from My Baking Addiction


Good pick!  These muffins were tasty and easy to make.  I followed the recipe exactly.  (You can find it here.)  I have a few suggestions if you would like to make these yourself.  The recipe stated to bake 15-17 minutes.  I baked for 15 minutes and that was too long.  The muffins were also a little dry..which could be due to over baking.  I might poke some holes in the top to let that delicious glaze settle on in and moisten things up.


The recipe also states that they are best served warm.  Nate and I both preferred them later on in the afternoon.  Not that we ate more.


Is it Sunday yet?  What’s your favorite morning of the week?  Any muffin recipes that I must try this Sunday?


  1. Those look really good!! I love Sunday mornings too, I TRY to get up early enough to savor the morning before we are off to church! Those muffins really do look like a glazed donut too.

  2. Those look freaking amazing.

  3. Those look amazing... now I'm super hungry! Is it weird to want to get a donut at lunch??

  4. Mmmmm those are making me hungry! My favorite morning is Saturday morning, I like to make egg and cheese bagel sandwiches! I'm going to try this one out though!

  5. oh my god. i think i am gaining weight just reading this post!

  6. Those look AMAZING! My favourtie morning is Sunday as well! So relaxing!

  7. All I can say is nomnomnom. I am a sucker for sweets. Adam is never really a breakfast person...except for weekends so maybe we can try these!

  8. Do you make delicious breakfasts every weekend? If you do, you are amazing. I should plan ahead - we end up with cold cereal 7 days a week here.

  9. These looks so scrumptious! Thanks for sharing the recipe, I love a good muffin. :)

  10. I think I should re-title my blog : Confessions of a carb-a-holic. I would have devoured these entirely by now. No joke.

    1. Haha me too Faith!! I could never be on a carb free diet. Yuck! Michelle, these look awesome. I love it when people I trust share some good recipes (especially with their tips and tricks).

  11. Donuts are awesome. Muffins are awesome. So I'm pretty sure these would be AWESOME!!

  12. Oooh. Those look soooo yummy. Too bad I can't eat wheat. Is your b-day tomorrow? And are you turning 30? Happy early b-day to you!!!!! I hope you don't have to work.


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