Monday, January 23, 2012

What’s Up Clock

As you know, our eating area has gone through some recent changes.  I have not yet pointed out/posted about one fun change.  At least I think it’s fun. 

I was struggling with the iron piece above our patio doors. (I don’t have a photo of this piece with our new lighting.)…


It just didn’t feel right to me.  Do you have pieces like that in your house?  Things that are okay but just don’t feel right.

I just couldn’t figure out what to replace it with.  We don’t want curtains around the patio doors.  Does the area look weird without curtains?  We don’t care.  We had curtains once.  They were horribly annoying.  Less annoying trumps perfect design.  I had seen some photos with words above the door.  I’m over words. I have a few in my house and don’t want to go overboard.

I was watching some random HGTV show and saw a clock above patio doors.  Why didn’t I think of that?  I decided to try it out.  (Excuse the poor lighting.  We won’t see sun again in Iowa until approximately May.)




I like it.  A lot.  It fits the rustic/industrial/grown-up theme that we now have going on.  It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it’s mine…with honey.

This area has come a long ways…

Picnik collagedining

Anything in your home that just doesn’t feel right?  Any other above the door ideas?  Wait, don’t tell me.  I might change my mind.

***Speaking of changing my mind. I couldn’t bring myself to order the shower curtain.  I received some good feedback about the use of stripes and the narrow room.  I may have another idea in mind.  For today.  Talk to me tomorrow.  It will have changed.***

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  1. Love the clock. It looks like it's there for a reason and the iron scroll looked like it was here to fill a space (still pretty, but pretty with a purpose wins). I don't have curtains on the sliding door either. I like it blissfully bare.

  2. I like the clock much better. I agree with the comment from Mindy about the scroll looking like it was there just to fill a space. Plus it seemed a little too ornate beside your industrial looking chairs. The clock is a much better fit in my opinion.

  3. I like the clock. I love that you just do what you want. :-) You are the one who gets to live there so it SHOULD be what you like! and PS, I love the industrial/rustic look. Love.

  4. I like it! Much better than the iron piece :-)

  5. SO much better and SO much more you- that swirly girly piece was just not you at all and seemed too "store bought". the clock has that vintage feel and just suits you more. i love the industrial touch!!! i hate when i have something like that in a room and i know it needs to change but to what and then i have to live with it until i figure out the "what".

  6. Love the clock! And I actually prefer it without the curtains on the patio doors. The only thing I'm not loving is that view out the back door - BRRRR. How do you live with all that COLLLLD?!

  7. I like it too! And I love the rustic industrial look! I dont know if I could pull it off in my house, but it looks great in yours!

  8. Love the clock. Much better than the iron, in my opinion (which isn't worth much, but I like to share it!). It seems to fit the feel of the house better. Nicely done!

  9. First time visitor so I'll just jump in here. I do like the clock mucho better. It looks smarter and is functional!

  10. I really like the clock. You found the perfect size, too, which impresses me.

    I have been slowing getting rid of stuff in our house that I don't love. I just put a huge piece of art in the Goodwill pile because I never really loved it, but thought I should love it. ;)

  11. Yes, the clock is great. Much improved. I've got one of these above my doors. He just looks so friendly and wise to me.

    Just posted Baby in a Bar - We were THOSE people.

  12. Love the clock! I'm a fan of them around the house... mostly because I'm always asking what time it is (and yes, I do wear a watch), although in my book, bigger is always better (we have a giant wall clock that I am crazy about).

  13. I love clocks. Not that they help me be on time...

  14. Great job - the clock is so much better. The iron piece just doesn't have the lines to go with all the straight lines of the windows, doors, and furniture. The clock is a simple line and just works perfectly! I can't wait to see where the iron ends up!
    Have a great Monday.

  15. The clock looks terrific! The room looks so good. But is that snow out your patio door? I can't imagine. It was 70 degrees yesterday in the Lone Star state. A bit above average for certain, but snow? I forget that winter is a real season.

  16. Why don't I ever think about decorating above the door??? The clock looks like it was meant to be there. Your entire room looks great!!

  17. The title of your post cracked me up! :-)
    Hey, for another option above the 'bout a metal dogbone? jk
    Or a metal dogbone in the mudroom? not so jk, hehe

    I like "the look" of curtains around the patio door, but I too struggle with how inconvenient they are. We just opted for a valance on top ours.

    Your kitchen & dining room came together very nicely.

  18. I like the clock! Both useful and good looking. I think that people often get comfortable with an item being in a certain spot, even if they don't particularly like it. Therefore, it just stays there when a different item can really spiff up a room!

    Is that snow on your porch? JEALOUS! :) What does Ike do in the snow?

  19. I think the clock looks perfect! I had an iron piece above my kitchen windows and never loved it. I hung three plates instead and it looks so much better. You have a big space above your door so the clock really works!

  20. LOVE it! the clock really adds something :)

  21. I need a clock in every room of the house. Or at least the bathroom, so I know when it took me a billion minutes to do my hair and I am pathetically late for work. Love the one you chose! :)

    1. I should say--a billion minutes to do my hair BADLY, making it even more pathetic.

  22. I love the clock! And I mean, how else are you supposed to know what time it is when you're (er, I mean Nate) is cooking dinner? :)

    Our living room doesn't feel right. I call it a tan jungle. I want to paint, but we'll need to invest in a ladder first. I'm tall, but not tall enough to paint 14 foot walls.

  23. Clock was a trade up! I have some of those swirly things too that are just fillers sometimes....

  24. Love the clock. Also, totally agree about no curtains around the patio doors. It looks so much cleaner without the curtains there.

  25. It not only looks great, but it's also functional! Can't go wrong there :-)

  26. I love the clock! I always forget about decorating with clocks but they always look so classy. I also am digging your large utensils (namely the spoon) on your wall because I have 8 spoons currently hanging on my wall. Great minds think alike!

  27. Your kitchen/eating area is gorgeous! I love the different phase pictures at the bottom. It's so neat to watch a transformation.

    And the clock is cool!

  28. Love the clock!! On a weird note, looking at your pictures makes me miss home. I don't want to feel the cold but there's something about winter in Iowa that just feel familiar. When it doesn't snow here people get upset (I think there's something wrong with them). Keep up the good work and if Nate takes any fancy Iowa winter pictures, let me know. I'm willing to pay! :o)

  29. Your kitchen is gorgeous!! Oh I would love all those windows! and the clock looks great too! I actually just made a post today about the red walls in my kitchen not 'feeling right.' And I think it looks fine that you didn't pair curtains with your patio doors. :)

  30. like both but i like the iron piece a litte more. do you live near larchwood iowa.

  31. Uhem. I have the same iron piece (and the fork, knife and spoon, while I am it!)... hanging above my slider door. And I love it there. It's perfect.

    Not the best pic I know... here's another:

    We had to put up curtains... we haven't landscaped our backyard yet... so, they help block out the sun (western exposure!)... Maybe one day, when we finally plant some trees I can take them off (and add french doors!)... =)

    So, enough abt me... lol... I like both for you. I think it looked great where it was... but I also love the clock. So, you didn't go wrong at all!

    Visiting from Thrifty Decor Chick's Before and After Party! ;)

  32. I'm reading your post about the wrought iron scroll and clock replacement, and I think - OMG! I have a wood pillar doorway between my living room
    and the dining room with a iron scroll I've thought about replacing, and
    have really wanted a large clock in the living room...but where? Bingo,
    I now have a place for the clock. So excited. Thanks.

  33. I have a grouping of iron-scroll candle holders in a spot in my living room.. for years my husband has said he doesn't like it, and I've grown to dislike it as well. I don't know what to put there! Guess I'll figure it out eventually.


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