Monday, December 19, 2011

Night Lights

Today I thought I’d share with you our house at night.  I really don’t think I am going to be ready to take down our trees and lights in 2 weeks.  I like how cozy the house feels with them on.  Maybe I’ll just keep them up so I’ll be prepared for next Christmas. I’m always thinking!

We’ll start in the dining room…

Night Xmas 001

Nate was trying out bokeh.  Fancy.   I think bokeh is fun to say.  I just learned it this week-end.  I think Nate is regretting teaching it to me.  Bokeh!

Night Xmas 017

Night Xmas 018

I love the ambiance in our kitchen.  Ambiance is also fun to say…but not as fun as bokeh!

Night Xmas 019

Night Xmas 021

And now for the living room and stairs….

Night Xmas 027

I bet our families are happy to finally see some presents under the tree. I should be wrapping more instead of writing this post…but there is plenty of time for that later.  Right? Right.

Here’s one of the gift that keeps giving…

Night Xmas 049

This gift was angry because we were withholding dog bones from him.

Night Xmas 032

Night Xmas 038

Night Xmas 033

Night Xmas 035

Night Xmas 043

Hope you enjoyed your night tour of our house in it’s holiday clothes!

Are you done shopping? Wrapping?  Who’s with me on leaving the tree up all year?

***I’m also guest posting over at The Blooming Hydrangea today.  Ange asked some random questions. I answered.  Stop by and say “hi”!  Be sure to check out all of Ange’s fun projects!!***


  1. loving all your christmas decor!!! looks great and i love a banister garland :) mine just arrived last week from being on back order! oh...and i heart bokeh. you go girl.

  2. Beautiful! I agree, Christmas lights should be left up year round. They make the house feel so warm and cozy.

  3. And there's the present I was looking for under that tree. he's cute!

    This is my first year having a fake tree. I thought I would hate it. I do not but don't tell my husband that. (it was his idea) I love that I have no needles to clean up and no fur babies constantly drinking the water out of the tree stand! ahhh...I would totally leave it up all year!

  4. Your decor is very, very pretty! Just enough and not too much, I love it :-) I've started playing around with Bokeh too, and isn't it fun ^^

  5. So pretty, I love the look of Christmas lights with all the lights off. Lol, once I left the tree up until June. We would hide it in the guest room if someone came over. Sooo embarrassing. But otherwise Christmas is done, except for 2 shipped presents I'm waiting on.

  6. Love it. It looks so cozy and welcoming. I also love the look on Ike's face. Puppy ain't happy.

  7. Pretty! Everything looks great. I especially love the dining room.

  8. it looks so pretty and magical! i want to come over and sip wine on your couch. i won't spill.

  9. I love the lights on the railings. I have always wanted to do lights that way but don't have the outlets near so I gave up on my garland. Since you built your house- did you have outlets put near for that reason? Or how do you get around not having cords running all over? thanks!

  10. I wrapped presents in the same red snowflake paper :o) We have great taste.

  11. Just leave the tree up and put Valentine ornaments on it. Totally a great reason to keep it around!

  12. Your house looks gorgeous. Don't you love your house at night at this time of year. It feels so magical and special.

  13. Super cozy! Don't you feel like you need to be eating cookies and drinking hot chocolate at all times when your house is all christmasy?

  14. Super cozy! Don't you feel like you need to be eating cookies and drinking hot chocolate at all times when your house is all christmasy?

  15. How do you keep Ike outta the presents before Christmas?

    I haven't started wrapping presents yet....should probably start this evening! I keep them up though, cause I'm afraid of my doggies being naughty getting into them.

    I have lighted garland on my banister too! I'm home during the day, so actually keep our lights on all day too. I just love the ambience of the christmas tree and garland lights. I asked hubby if I can keep them up after Christmas, and he said sure! (as much as I love Christmas decorations, I usually am ready to take them down on the 1st of the year though)

  16. I love Christmas lights! Your house looks so cozy. I especially like the lights up the staircase and on the upper railing. :)

    And I haven't wrapped a single gift yet. Maybe tomorrow...

  17. Yes!!!!
    I am with you.
    Tree up ALL year!!!
    Beautiful photos!!!

  18. Awww the photo of Ike and the tree is so cute ! Perfect xmas card !
    Your tree is like a fairytale :)

  19. So warm and cozy. Makes me almost wish I had put up a tree/lights this year (home maybe 2 weekends from mid-Nov through first of Jan = not worth it.) Instead, I'll live vicariously through you. Creepy? Maybe. Practical? Yes.

  20. Your house is beautiful! I sure wish you would wrap up Ike and have Santa bring him to me! Our dogs would wear him out, and probably vice versa.

    I also want to keep up our Christmas stuff year round! I love it, and put it up on Thanksgiving just to have it up longer. This time of year always goes by too fast!

  21. It looks so amazing!! I can't get over how tall your tree is too! That's seriously so amazing and I want your tables...please!

  22. I love the lights! Next year I am definitely adding more. Daniel wants to keep up the lights all year but I think I'll have to nix that. My yard already names me the crazy lady on the street, I don't need Christmas lights adding to my reputation.

  23. Let's start a "Leave the Tree Up All Year Because It's So Much Easier" movement. But we might want to come up with a shorter name ;)


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