Tuesday, November 15, 2011


We took our Christmas card photo this week-end.  That’s always an adventure.  A self-timer plus a dog plus two humans equals chaos.

I won’t show you our family photo yet but I will show you that our lovely fuzz ball isn’t always so cooperative.  We just take a lot of pictures to get the good ones.

Here’s what happens when Nate takes photos of just Ike and I. I’m too lazy to edit these so enjoy some straight outta the camera goodness…

Chelle blinks.

We both blink.

Chelle, your ear smells funny.

I love you, human.

Why are the neighbors chopping down their trees?

Chelle is angry.  The dog is hot.

And finally (plus about 15 more of these type of photos), we get something decent...


I love how annoyed he looks. You may also notice a red mark on the center of my neck that occurred after he tried to paw me away.  He's not the fuzzy angel he appears to be.  Okay, yes he is.  He just grows horns on occasion.

Who has their holiday card photos taken already? (We usually wait until about Dec. 13th so this is not normal.)  Do you include the pets?  Do you include yourself? 


  1. Funny! My kids would be the same..1/2 smiling...1/2 with their eyes closed! We would never get it right! Love your finial shot!

  2. Love the pictures! We are getting a puppy in February so next year's Christmas card should be fun!

  3. Tee hee! This is so very adorable! This is our first Christmas with our little guy, so we had some pics taken... now I just have to decide on card design!!

  4. You two are adorable! We still need to take ours, and I canNOT get the dogs to look anywhere near the camera with just the self timer. Which is why they were both looking opposite directions last year. Awesome. Maybe this year we'll set our sights high and hope for at least one dog looking at the camera. : )

  5. Hahaha. I am the photo-ruiner of this household. Andy makes fun of my non-photogenicness. Which is definitely a word.

    I love how ikea actually has a clear expression in that last pic and definitely has an opinion about this whole photo shoot idea.

  6. I love your earrings!

    We never do family pictures for Christmas cards but I'm certain we'd have a very similar problem - our family and self-timers rarely mix well :-)

  7. I swear, I only take pictures where I'm cheesing and my eyes are closed! I quit Christmas cards after I realized I hate addressing envelopes when we had to send out our wedding thank yous. I am Bad Santa.

  8. Those are great! You could do a collage of outakes and then put the final choice in the middle for a nice family photo :) I usually just shoot our kids, around the first or second week in December. Chaos and hilarity always ensues. By the way, I really like your top!

  9. i was grinning ear to ear reading and viewing this post--we have sooo many just like this with our little guy! its so difficult to get a good one. i wish we lived closer so i could cuddle with ike (his fur looks amazing!) and our pups could play together as we gab :)

  10. You are too darn cute! We took our Christmas photos this weekend, too. But, I brought in an expert. I was tired of trying the self-timer. ;)

  11. Hah! Great pics! We're doing a wedding photo on our cards this year. Jack usually makes an appearance on our cards, but he's been voted off the island this year.

  12. If I suggested including our cats in a Christmas photo, Rick might officially request that I sign up for counseling. Apparently he doesn't want us to get a reputation of being crazy cat people? :P But--I think dogs make MUCH more sense to include in family photos than cats do. :) You and Ike make an adorable pair!

  13. Wow, you're on top of it! I usually try to take photos in September, forget until December 23-ish. Scramble to take a Christmas photo the day of, with dreams of mailing them the day following. Then I give up in a puff of dispair and frustration. Go you!

  14. I wish Nate could take our Christmas card photo. Want to drive to Des Moines after your niece is born so we can actually get cards printed before we see you at Christmas? :oP

  15. So cute! I haven't been organized enough to come up with a plan for xmas pics. Last year we spent mula on a photographer, but this year we'll probably just do them ourselves.

  16. i love your shirt! its so cute! the dog too i guess ;)

  17. Did you cut your hair? It looks fantastic. Now I want to cut mine short.
    Yes, our holiday cards include the dogs. Last year I was accidentally caught in the background of the photo (looking like a fool trying to get the dogs to look in my direction), and we didn't notice until after we had all the cards printed. My husband, our friends and family thought it was hilarious. Me, not so much.

  18. Love it! I did think he was a fuzzy angel! I usually just have my grandsons on my card.

  19. That's hilarious! I've never realised that getting Christmas cards pictures could be this hard (maybe because I never take any. You should send out the angry one and dare people not to send you a card back!

  20. Ha! I think it's impossible to get a good picture on the first take...especially if there's a dog! I don't send Christmas photos, but I'd definitely include our pup if I did!


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