Monday, October 17, 2011

Salvation Army Bargains

What do you do when your family is in town?


Besides ruin family photos for your mother?  You head to the Salvation Army.  Of course.

I had previously placed a self-imposed Salvation Army ban on myself.  I kept buying junk and not doing anything with it.  After a month, I lifted this ban.

Good thing.  Look what I found…


No, this is not junk.  This is beautifulness.

I have had my eye on this type of sled but they usually go for ~$50 in antique stores.  $8.50 at the Salvation Army Outlet.  Score.  I made my poor brother carry it around the entire store because I couldn’t risk losing it.  My family always hopes that I find large items at the end.  I don’t get it.  I’m not exactly sure what I am going to do with it yet but it will somehow make it into my Christmas decorating.  I’m pumped.

I also found these…


I like old books.  Old book can be expensive.  I don’t like to pay more than $0.75 for them.  I usually go for books that look pretty but I actually found some interesting titles on this stop.  The Complete Book of Furniture Repair and Refinishing could be useful.  And who couldn’t use a good brushing up on general hygiene?


Not the girl that hadn’t showered for 2 days.

Anyone else bond with their family at their favorite thrift store?  Anyone finding any good bargains out there?  Who wants to borrow my hygiene book?


  1. Wow that sledge is lovely and would look brilliant piled with presents on Christmas morning. I've always wanted an old fashioned sledge to put one under the big tree in our garden (the tree has to be covered in fairy lights too). It would look fab! :)

  2. omg a sleigh! picture me completely envious right now! you should paint those metal portions bright red...and then make some kind if outdoor display on your step! one of the top finds of all time for sure!!

    i wish we had even a salvation army near here :(

  3. oooh great finds! i have a sled like that and i love to decorate it at christmas! i love the books you found, too. and i think i need to read general hygiene when you are done. seeing as i like to run or walk and then hang out in my sweat all day before i decide it is time i shower... ;)

  4. I LOVE that sled! How come I can never find deals like that? I don't know if there is a salvation army store near me - I should really check on that! Have a great day!

  5. Love browsing through Salvation Army but do not have family joining me usually..just visited a few days ago and wish I could have hauled a couple of amazing pieces of furniture out with me. Old books have so much character. Love the sled- very interesting piece.

  6. That SLED! Wow! It's going to be so fabulous in your Christmas decorations.

    PS, I bet you can find some great insight in that hygiene book. I'm curious what general hygiene was like back... whenever that was written.

  7. Hahaha wow. I only ever manage to find broken TVs and old 80s prom dresses at the thrift stores around here.

  8. Haha, love the general hygiene book. That is too funny. I have the worst luck at thrift stores. I think I can't imagine how it would look at home with all that poor lighting.

  9. I never run across amazing things at mine... But, I still stop by occasionally, just in case. That sled is fun!

  10. I LOVE that sled! I would decorate it with some sort of fun Christmas decor and put it near my front door I think. I go to our local Goodwill typically every week or other week. They are closed for remodeling until November, and I am having serious withdrawals!I also LOVE old books. I love the smell and I think they look great in design. I grabe them all the time, never spending more than a $1 on each. I am going to put them all on some leaning bookcases to decorate our office. I would always rather decorate with repurposed or vintage stuff, just so much more character in my opinion!

  11. Do you ever check on Craigslist? We have found some of the coolest stuff on there... It's amazing what people will take the time to list for free, or $5, but I'm sure glad they do!

  12. Sadly, I am the only thrift store shopper in my family so I brave it alone. Love your score and I can't wait to see the fabulousness you create at Christmas with it.

  13. American Flyer sleds are real classics. You could do a web search and see what the originals look like, and maybe restore your fantastic sled!

    You're lucky to have found one in such good condition.

  14. Why haven't I ever thought of dragging family along so they can carry the heavy stuff. You are a genius.

  15. Seriously? Where the heck is the Salvation Army Outlet? You are holding out on me. Is it on Brady?

    And I'm seriously laughing that you hadn't showered in two days and were reading about hygiene. Making my day. love that family photo. That's Christmas card worthy!

  16. PS - I also have an old sled and I put it out in the yard with a wreath for Christmas. I'm sure there are better uses, but that's all I've got.

  17. I have a serious weakness for old books. It's sick. I bought one in Wales a few years ago that I can't even read (it's written in Welsh). Bargains are the best!

  18. hahaha love the family photo AND the picture of you brushing up on your hygiene. I'm sure that book holds some hilarious "advice" judging from its age. Maybe you should recommend it to your pharmacy customers? ;)

    Great finds--I have a love/hate relationship with thrift stores...sometimes I find a great deal and other times I wonder why on earth anyone would pay that much for something used.

  19. Love the sleigh. We have one and decorate it for Christmas. I am on the hunt for one for my store. Salvo here I come.

  20. OOh! The sled is a sweet bargain. How cute will that be in the winter?!


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