Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Guest Post- Design Build Love

Today you can find me over at Design Build Love blabbing about my dining room hutch


I’m holding the fort down while Ashley studies up for her law exams.  (Oh, I don’t miss those studying days.  I do, however, miss taking naps and watching Oprah.  Oh college, how I miss you.)  Ashley and her husband are fixing up their short-sale California home.  Her blog is full of clever DIY ideas and she’s so darn bubbly that you can’t help but stick around!

Stop by and say “hi” and check out the rest of Ashley’s blog while you’re over there!


  1. I sometimes miss college days too!

    Heading over to check out your post.

  2. Not only do we have the same foyer rug, we also have the same crystal! Mine isn't the platinum series, but it's Stephanie by Mikasa just the same. I didn't register for crystal or china, a friend bought me the glasses because my name is Stephanie as well. I love them and drink wine out of them all the time (why have them if you don't use them?).

  3. Stephanie- My crystal is the Stephanie by Mikasa. Too funny. I really do need to use it more. I just hate hand washing dishes.

  4. I miss sleeping until noon and not having anywhere to be, like the semesters when I crammed all of my classes into 3 of the 5 weekdays. Score. Off to check out your hutch! :)

  5. you all are so cute! If only law school was as laid back as college. Alas... one of these days (like two years from now), I'll be done!

    Thanks for checking out Michelle's post and our blog! We LOVE visitors. :)

    And thanks to you Michelle for holding down the fort for me! :D

  6. I miss certain aspects of college, too! (Like napping.)

    Loved your guest post :)


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