Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Decorating With Family

Today’s post will explain why there was no post yesterday.  We were helping my parents make-over their bedroom.  They live in middle-of-nowhere Iowa…aka the land of slower than dial-up internet.  We did make pretty good progress over the week-end.  Just not on the blog front. 

Here is my parents’ bedroom before we arrived.  It has been some form of this for the past 6 years.  You know, when they moved in.


My love for decorating is hereditary.  Can you tell?

My mom wanted a cottage look and a “warm” feeling.  My dad wanted to spend $0.00 and I was repeatedly told that I was not to touch the trim.  Why?  Because I may have asked him approximately 1 million times if we could paint the trim white and he’s horribly opposed.  Old people.

Here’s how we ended the week-end…(We had some trouble photographing the room.  The below picture makes the room seem he-giant and the wall color is giving Nate fits in editing.  Amateurs.)

Herrick Master Bedroom 089

Herrick Master Bedroom 091

Yes, Ike makes himself at home wherever he goes.  They are still waiting on white curtains.  The only size of curtains that they sell in the middle-of-nowhere is 84” which are not nearly tall enough.  They also need something above the bed.  I’m thinking a round mirror to balance out all of the square (I act like I know what I’m talking about). 

Everyone loves a good room breakdown so here it is.  The only thing we kept from the original room was the bed frame and mattress.  I did push hard for the bamboo sconces but they didn’t quite make the cut.

Wall Color:  Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams.  I like how this color changes throughout the day.  Sometimes greyish. Sometimes greenish. Sometimes blueish.

Bedding:  Purchased at TJMaxx. I don’t know the price or brand because Mom isn’t answering her texts. Get with it Mom. This is important stuff.

Headboard: Nate built it! (More details on that to come).  $50-$60

Nightstands: I taught my mom how to paint furniture and we got to work on the thrifted night stands. $18 and $15.  (Nightstands are hard to find.  I had a dream the night before we went looking for them that we finally found a matching pair after endless searching.  Some lady started yelling at me and I stepped away.  The nightstands then disappeared.) I inhale too much pill dust during the day.  We did not find a pair but they were very similar looking.  They were higher priced than I would normally pay but I get my patience from my mother and she wanted to complete this room.

Herrick Master Bedroom 076 Herrick Master Bedroom 077

Lamps:  I found them at my local Salvation Army.  They were originally dark brown.  We painted them coral.  $6 for the pair of bases.  $12 for the pair of lamp shades. 

Dresser: My mom purchased this from a co-worker.  It was originally made by a family member of the co-worker.  I love furniture with a story.  Mom wanted a punch of color so we went with Sherwin Williams Coral Reef. $25.

Herrick Master Bedroom 071

Floating shelves: Nate built the floating shelves thanks to easy to follow instructions from Ana White and Young House Love. $10 for the pair (there is a shelf on each side of the window).

Herrick Master Bedroom 084pn

What did I learn about helping someone else decorate?   It was hard because I have definite likes and dislikes but I need to remember that everyone has different tastes and there isn’t one right answer when it comes to decorating.  But maybe a better answer. Mine. Overall, it was a fun project.  Especially because we didn’t have to fork over any money for a fun make-over.

Have you helped a family member tackle a big project?  How’d it go? 

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  1. I tried to help my aunt once. I have a definite style opinion also. It was very different from hers, but in the end, her dining room looked nice.

    I have been obsessed over "Sea Salt" for the past 8 months! So glad you guys went with it! The pink lamp bases & frame really compliment the wall color. Good work ;)

  2. It looks great! It cracks me up the way you're griping about them. What is with the short curtain thing? I feel like it's the same story here, I end up buying online or making my own. The headboard looks awesome! I wish I had fifty bedrooms so I could actually DO something with all of the great ideas out there!

  3. You crack me up. I can so relate to the trim thing. That color of trim can drive me nuts and my mom has some in her house. I wish I could get my hands on one of her rooms. Maybe she'll let me when we are in town, but our tastes are so different that she's afraid, I think. What a fun project. Looks great! Love that headboard!

  4. The headboard looks amazing and the colors are gorgeous! Thanks for stopping by and visiting my living room re-do. Have a great day.
    From - Professor Plum in the Conservatory (LOL)

  5. Hahaha! I totally understand the trim thing. A few years ago, we lived with my in-laws for a couple months. We stayed in the den downstairs that had dark paneling. I think I almost gave my FIL a heart attack when I asked if I could paint it white! (the paneling is still dark)

    Great job on the transformation! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the headboard and can't wait for the post on the how-to.

  6. How nice of you to help out your mom. I like the thrift store lamps you made over and the shelf with frames on it. It gives me an idea for my room.

  7. ooooh love the coral. I wish it could work in my house somewhere. I'm with Gloria--I wish I had 50 bedrooms so I could have a different headboard in each. :)

    We offered to help redo Rick's parents' room but that was over a year ago and we haven't gotten anything accomplished...maybe because we now have our own house to deal with?

  8. It looks great! So much more relaxing now :) I love the headboard and bedding!

  9. You guys and your fabulous headboards. I bet your parents are kicking themselves for not asking for your help sooner. The room turned out amazing.

    I offer my family lots of unsolicited decorating suggestions, but no one really takes my advice. Except for my sister, who is younger and always does what I tell her to do :)

  10. This looks awesome - I love love love the colour...what an awesome retreat for your parents :)

  11. The room looks great and I love the accent color paired with the blue. Magnificent headboard and dresser!

  12. Looks fantastic!! Love that headboard and those lamps! My mom and I have different tastes too - a little part of her dies every time I paint something wood. =)

  13. Gorgeous, I love that headboard.

  14. Huge changes! Looks awesome! I love the coral accents.

    PS - WHY won't my relatives with rooms like this let me redecorate? I'm ITCHING for it.

    PPS - Every single one of them also has the words "live laugh love" displayed in their bedroom.

  15. Yeah, either the trim needs to be painted white or the wood-color of the trim needs to be brought into aspects of the room. Maybe in one of the collection of frames? 'Not sure.

  16. It looks really cute. I really like the color combo, and esp. the coral. You folks do good work!


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