Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dwindling Days of Summer

Nate’s cousins are in town from South Dakota.  The weather here is perfect.  I think this calls for hot dogs, pizza sandwiches, s’mores, and Nate’s parents’ fire pit.  And that’s just what we did last night.

Ike anxiously awaited for someone to open the door.  We make him sit before he can go inside.  This works well for about 2 seconds….


(Hey Nate, the early 90’s called and they want their soccer sandals back.  (Love you.))

Once we were let in, we headed straight to the backyard and got to cooking…






I was in charge of keeping Ike out of trouble.  It’s a full time job…



Ike couldn’t wait for all of the food business to be over.  He has a new best friend.  Her name is Rose. Rose takes him running.  They are quite the pair…




Rose told me that Ike was going to spend the night and sleep in her bed.  Ike loved the plan but we ruined his fun by bringing him home and giving him a bath…


He doesn’t look too upset with us!

How are you enjoying the dwindling days of summer?  I am looking forward to fall but I’m also trying to enjoy these last few precious summer nights!


  1. Your dog is just too cute! I am in love with the fire pit! We are going to do some landscaping next year and hope to add a fire pit. I can NOT wait! Until then I will continue to stalk blogs to get ideas :) everyone needs a hobby right?

  2. My kids long for a dog but I know who would end up taking care of it :) Love your backyard set-up. For me it is school supplies, end-of-camp, desk reorganization days and still working on setting up my blog as it's fairly!

  3. Fun! We're heading out for a long weekend vacation this morning--the only one we were able to get this summer. :/ We're excited to just spend some time with each other--Rick's been so busy working!

  4. a perfect late summer evening

  5. I really get the blues this time of year, I just hate the thought of summer ending! Glad to see you guys are still living it up.

  6. Totally in love with Ike, as usual. Also, the early 90's call my husband all the time - his soccer sandals (complete with Adidas stripes - he was a somebody back then, you know ;)) are just the beginning. Gotta love 'em!

  7. It looks like you all had so much fun. Especially Ike. I've become such a fan of Ike that I was telling my husband last night that I want one just like him. He looked at me and said Okaaaay. I think we'll need a bigger house first.

  8. love this post and love fun summer nights. looks like a great one! cute dog i'm your newest follower :-)

  9. Ike is sooooo cute!! Give him a hug for me.


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