Friday, July 8, 2011

Stroll Down Memory Lane- Siding

It’s time to take another stroll down memory lane and check out where we were on our house building process 3 years ago…

3 Years Ago This Week: Our house got clothes (or siding if you prefer technical building material terms…)…or least it’s backside did!

We chose Timbercrest’s vinyl siding in Pacific Blue.  Why blue?  Every other house in our neighborhood is beige or white.  Our last house was beige.  We wanted something different.  “Different” is hard in siding.  We didn’t want crazy.  Just different.  We were sold once we spotted this color at Menards.

We called in reinforcements in the form of Nate’s parents, my parents and my brother.  We would still be siding now if it wasn’t for their help!  They are awesome.  Seriously.  It was hott.  Not hot. H-O-T-T hot.

We did give them water…because we’re nice…my brother hated coming to visit me because I’d always put him to work.  He really hated me after this week-end…

This is how we ended the week-end…

Siding a house is a lot of work but it’s really not as complicated as one may think.  I even did some of the cutting and nailing.  So if I can do it, anyone can do it.  We did hire our builder to side the third story.  Nate’s mom and I weren’t so excited about Nate and his dad climbing all of the way up there without the proper equipment.  Of course, we know that they could have done it…

There you have it…the day our house got clothes!

Have you sided a house?  What are your thoughts on siding color?
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  1. Thank God for helpful families! (Your brother looks like he's having a blast.) I really like the color you chose. Our house was sided right before we bought it, and they did it in white. Not my first choice, but I'm content with the fact that we don't have to pay to do it ourselves! :)

  2. I love the blue! It's so nice, to have something different from the rest of the block. When we were house shopping there were so many nice, new neighborhoods that I absolutely refused to live in because the houses all looked exactly the same. I was afraid one night we would come home and it would be dark and I'd try to get into the wrong house and end up in jail.

  3. I love that blue! We sided our garage and were so disappointed in the lack of color choices for siding. I had no idea our options would be so limited. Especially since we wanted a dark color. Maybe someday they'll have as many choices as there are paint colors. Except then I never would've been able to make a decision. Ha!

  4. I love the color of your house! Our builder only offered white, yellow, light beige and dark beige. We went with the last one :) But there's a nearby development similar to ours that offers the dark blue siding and I always loved it!

  5. I love blue! white and cream houses boring me :)

    My last house was painting in dark pink. It was a beautiful color, and my house was "the pink house of the block".
    The new one is white, but it realy needs a coat of new pait... but it hs to wait a couple of years, because we want to finish to pain and walpapering the insides first.

    Happy week end!

  6. I love the blue siding. It's a perfect shade of blue for a house. Not too bright and not too dark and gloomy. I hope you bought your bro pizza after all that work. I couldn't tell how hot it was in your pics until I saw the one of him getting water. Ouch!

  7. You were smart to go for blue. So much more interesting than beige. That's a big house you have!! Happy weekend.

  8. I love the blue - so much more interesting than beige and yet still a neutral.

  9. I love the blue. It is neutral without being boring.
    In fact, "your" blue is a top contender for colors we're considering when we paint our house next summer.

  10. 1- LOVE your siding; 2- LOVE the color even more! (but I'm sure this is no surprise) :)

  11. Do houses always get build so quickly? I hear that sometimes it takes years to finish them, and yours shows so much progress every week.

  12. Blue is a nice color. You're quite right about the color. Different but nothing too crazy, since you want something that would look nice for many years. It's a very peaceful color for a siding, so it's a good choice.


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