Saturday, July 30, 2011

5 Year Anniversary

Nate and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary last Friday….and by celebrated I mean that I sat on the couch watching tv with an awesome stomach virus while Nate spent some more time with his family at his parents’ house.  It was very romantic.  We’re not big on celebrating anniversaries but we might do a re-do for #5…maybe.

I thought I’d share with you some of our wedding photos….and you thought vacation photos were bad.  The photos are grainy scans…because we are old.  Now all these young kids get their pictures put on the interweb….we have scans from our album.  Iowa weddings are pretty low key and inexpensive.  We’d rather spend our money on sweet corn….

We were married in the church Nate attended growing up.  Our reception was at the botanical gardens.

I’m not big into roses….or bows…but the pews needed some assistance.  I decided on buckets of daisies that doubled as centerpieces at the reception.  And can you believe the florist kept trying to throw in roses?….and bows….ack…


Michelle n Nate's Wedding 088

The bridesmaids and I looking all pretty…and young…getting old is hard…

These girls gave Marilyn a run for her money…

As did my brother…(ladies, he is single)…

And my favorite photo from our wedding…right before it started to downpour…rain on your wedding really isn’t so bad.  (This photo also shows the luminaries (light blue paper bags with candles) that lit the walk-ways outside of the botanical gardens.)

There you have it.  Our pretty little wedding day! 

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  1. Beautiful wedding! We were married in 2005 - isn't it crazy how far away that feels? Looking back I already think my BM dresses look dated and I'd DIE to be able to replan my wedding... but without the stress and expenses. (Riiiight.)

  2. Happy Anniversary!! Sorry you were sick for it :(
    I love your pics! Using the pew decorations as centerpieces is genius!

  3. aww happy anniversary! It rained on our wedding day, too, which made the 90 degree air temperature soar. But--it was still a beautiful day and I wouldn't change it for anything.

    So sorry you're sick. :( I hope you feel better soon!

  4. Congratulations :) hope you are feeling better. That really sucks.
    Everything about your wedding looks perfect and beautiful. Chris and I are celebrating out 8 year anniversary on Tuesday, and by celebrating I mean he'll be away all week on a business trip :(

  5. you definitely need a do-over!! You look SO happy and SO beautiful! and i love the luminary paper bags!

  6. Happy belated anniversary!!! Someday I will remember to send you a card....right after I remember to send you a birthday card. We are babies in these pics. Being grown-ups is overrated. Miss you!!! I think you should re-do the anniversary for sure.

  7. Awww, so cute! I love that picture with the eskimo kiss. <3 At least have a re-do on dinner for your anniversary - any excuse to go out is a good one!

  8. Happy anniversary. Your photos are so happy and beautiful.

  9. LOVE the last picture of you two! Too precious!


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