Friday, June 17, 2011

Stroll Down Memory Lane- Rafters

Let’s take another stroll down memory lane and check out where we were on our house building process 3 years ago…

3 Years Ago This Week: We had a roof over our heads…sort of…it was kind of like a really big sky light…and look at that yard…beautiful…

We also installed our electric box. We still didn’t have any electric at this point but the box was installed. 

There you have it.  Our house 3 years ago this week!

And now..the important stuff.  Should Nate and I go see Bridesmaids or Hangover 2 this week-end?  Or skip them both and get through our DVR?  What are your week-end plans?  Do share!

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  1. Isn't it fun watching a house be built? I dream of going through that process some day.

    I'm still debating weekend plans, but in all likely hood I'll be working - boo.

  2. I say you do a double feature!!! My weekend plans include movies too. Have a great day chica!

  3. I was thinking the same thing as Jamie, it's so fascinating watching the work progress, and the progress seems to be so fast! I don't really know how long it is supposed to take to build a house, but I know it can take months and months and years if you let it.

  4. How fun to think back and remember that time three years ago. Thanks for leaving a comment on my quilting post this morning - but you brought up a valid new concern...cutting straight. This quilting experiment will be interesting.

    Good luck with your own quilting experiment!

    Turning a House into a Home

  5. I really enjoyed Bridesmaids. Just saying.

  6. It must have been so exciting to see it get to this point.
    We went to go see Bridesmaids on a recommendation from my parents. As my Dad told my husband, "it is NOT a chick flick".

  7. Very cool. Is your home three stories?

  8. i haven't seen either yet, but i hear really good things about bridesmaids!

  9. Fun to see the process! I say stay in and save the money for something fun for your house! That is what we have been doing and I really like staying in and watching movies now.

  10. @heather- we had free passes...otherwise my hermit self would have been on our couch with $1 redbox rental....we're cheap and also tend to attract the most annoying movie goers....with strong my couch. :P

  11. It's fun to get to see the process of a house getting built! you really don't see that in my area ever- new homes aren't a thing that seem to exist in Boston, though probably further out in the suburbs it happens. I think it's a combination of no space to build things up, and concern for historical importance if someone wants to knock down an older home to build something new.

  12. OOH! Bridesmaids has been calling my name for a while, but I'm cheap too - waiting on the Redbox =)


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