Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sewing Cabinet Re-Do

This past week-end while I was cursing at my sewing machine sewing a baby quilt, I realized that I haven’t shared my sewing cabinet re-do with you all.

I found this chair for $3 at the Salvation Army Outlet (which reminds that I need to stop by and risk my life for some more bargains like this)…


I love a good chair seat covered in cat fur…

I found this sewing cabinet at a local garage sale.  It was marked at $15.  Nate’s mom haggled them down to $10.  Nate and I are bad hagglers…glad we had the pro with us!


I was previously sewing on a our kitchen table so the thought of having my very own sewing table was very exciting.  I followed my trusty painting steps (read them here) and ended up with this….

Summer To Do (18)
Summer To Do (19)

My sewing machine doesn’t fit inside the table (the top folds out) and I haven’t gotten around to finding a solution for that but I don’t mind the sewing machine on top…it really doesn’t  have much effect on my spectacular sewing skills.  You may also notice my sewing machine manual on the stand…I don’t sew without it near. 

My sewing machine is a cheap-o Singer Target special.  It works fine except the bobbin randomly decides to randomly jam.  At first I thought it was just me…and then I read the reviews on-line…lots of good sewers with bobbin issues…still doesn’t make me scream at it less when it jams but I do feel slightly better…

Summer To Do (27)

I have to watch what I say because I usually have this pretty face nearby helping me with my projects.  He’s also kind of a chair thief.  He thinks my chair re-do is pretty comfy!  (You can read how I refinish chairs here.)  I think all of your nice comments about him on yesterday’s post are going to his fuzzy head…


There you have it.  A sewing table and chair set for under $15!

Where do you sew? Or do you?  Are you one of those with a pretty sewing room?  Or is yours hidden in your maybe-someday baby room like mine?  Or do you sew old school on your kitchen table? Don’t worry..I’ve been there!

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  1. funny timing, I just updated my sewing/crafting/school work area, posted about here: http://adventuresinweekdaycooking.blogspot.com/2011/06/desk-re-do.html

    and found a solution of where to put my sewing machine when I am not using it, though it is a little odd.

    that sewing table and chair are great finds! I saw a similar sewing table I wanted to take home with me so badly last month, curbside. Sadly, i was carrying a kitchenaid mixer home and totally lost at the time, so I didn't have an extra hand!

    great job on the re-do :)

  2. Love it! I still need to try painting furniture, and buy a sewing machine. Why does the craigslist for Iowa City have the crappiest items ever and never what i want?? Ugh.

  3. Love the makeover! Everything looks better with some paint!

    At least once a week, I wish I could sew. I have a great machine, just can;t seem to dedicate the time to figure it all out!
    New Year's resolution?

  4. the table is super cute, as is the chair! but ike on the chair takes the cake!

  5. Super-cute!

    I picked up a sewing desk similar to yours (with the machine!) for $2 at a garage sale earlier this year. Gotta love those IA basements ^_^

    You could prob fill that hole in the middle with a piece of plywood (painted to match) braced from below. If yours is constructed like mine, the table legs would make a good place to anchor the braces so that any screws are perpendicular to gravity.

    Looking forward to your solution!!

  6. You got a great deal; I'm not sure many people can say their sewing table AND chair was just $15! You did a great job repainting it too :)

  7. Don't you love it when your updated bargain turns out as good as you thought it could look? Love the crisp white. Now I want to hear more about "risking your life" to go thrifting.

  8. Love the sewing table! My best friend has a similar one with the sewing machine (an ancient singer) inside.

    Currently, my sewing machine is packed up in its case, probably getting full of our renovation dust. I actually couldn't tell you where exactly it is. How sad... No space for a sewing room in our house though. We're in a bungalow in the city -- not a lot of extra square footage!

  9. What a perfect post! My sewing machine arrived at my house last night and will live on my blue desk. Our "office" is now my craft room (muahahahaha!) I took over. It is also our maybe baby room ;)

  10. Wow - turned out amazing! I've got some pieces I want to redo - can't wait to give your tips a go!

  11. I sew at my dining room table! Must look for a table to make as cute as yours. :) EW about the cat hair on the chair--we have cats, and their fur doesn't bother me (even though it is EVERYWHERE this time of year), but if I don't know where the fur came from...ew. That said, I have been known to buy chairs with skanky-looking stains on them. :)

  12. Your refurbished sewing cabinet & chair are super cute!

    Unfortunately, I don't have room for a "dedicated" sewing space. I use a folding banquet table (stored in the garage when not in use). I keep my sewing machine in a rolling cart container stored in my closet (useful for when I sign up for sewing classes!)

    I made my 1st ever sewing project last month - a rag quilt: http://heartandhaven.com/2011/05/18/algebra-inspired-rag-quilts-sew-stinkin-cute/

  13. i have yet to purchase a sewing machine! looks like i am a bit behind the times...

  14. Very cute re-do! Your dog is a cutie too! I usually just sew on my kitchen table, but I'm moving into a new bigger house soon so maybe I can find a home for it in an actual room. I can foresee lots of curtain sewing in my future so it would be nice to have a dedicated space for my sewing machine.

  15. Cute. I'm 'supposed' to sew in the office. There's a nifty little tray that pops out that I keep my sewing machine on. But, I often bring the machine into the living room so I can watch Netflix. ;)

    Your table looks great.

  16. Lovely! Inspires me to redo my super old singer cabinet.

  17. Dang, I just put down $35 on a sewing cabinet (much larger though) but is missing all the interior hardware for storing the machine- even though yours doesn't fit at least it came equipped! I am thinking I'm going to have to install a piece of plywood to the fake drawer to just set the machine in when I'm not using it- the whole point I got the cabinet was to put the machine away when not in use.
    Good find, cute fixes too!
    BTW I'm surprised how little info there is online about these great vintage sewing cabinets. People are repurposing them to all sorts of things but instead I'd like info on how to refurbish them!


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