Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ferris Wheel of Love

June 11th marked the 6th year anniversary of the day Nate asked me to marry him. Awwww, or barf…I get it.

I decided to get crafty for the occasion.  I haven’t done anything crafty for about a month now because we. are. never. home.

To understand my craft…you should probably know how Nate proposed.  (If you hate girly wedding stuff, scroll down to the pictures…)

Nate got me tickets to see the Lion King in Chicago for my 23rd birthday (which was in March…the Lion King wasn’t until June…I thought I was getting hosed.)  We decided to spend the week-end in Chicago and explore the town and end the trip on Sunday with the Lion King.

Little did I know that he had also packed a pretty diamond ring. 

Saturday night we headed to Navy Pier.  We hopped on the Ferris Wheel and he popped the question.  I was VERY surprised.  One because I had no idea he had a ring and two because he proposed in a very public place.  And I cried..like a girl…I hate when that happens…

Chicago Trip 106


I’m usually not a pack rat.  Actually, I usually end up throwing away things that I shouldn’t…but I did keep our tickets for this Ferris wheel ride.  I had them in a shadow box…but I was over the shadow box and wanted an update. 

I purchased this frame from Target…


I used a piece of scrapbook paper as a background and stuck on a black and white photo of the Ferris wheel along with the two tickets to create a frame of happy memories….




As you can see, it found it’s home on our dresser in our master bedroom.  It needs some friends.  I’m slowly starting to get a vision for this space…slowly.  I’m open to suggestions as well. I REALLY want to purchase this Ferris Wheel…

but I can’t get over the price tag…come on sale…

There you have it…a super easy and inexpensive piece of art that is full of memories.  This could easily be adapted for vacations, weddings, etc.

How’d your significant other propose? Not engaged?  What’s your dream proposal?  Or better yet…what’s the worst proposal story you’ve heard?

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  1. Awww, so sweet! I love it. : ) Nick proposed TOTALLY OUT OF THE BLUE in the living room of my apartment. It sounds totally unromantic but I wanted to be surprised - and I sure was! : )

  2. LOOOOOVE hearing the engagement story. I'm not a crier, but when my husband did it, I was a sobbing wreck! I posted our engagement story on our "engagement anniversary" too. If you want a peek it's here:

    I adore that ferris wheel from cb2. I like that it's done in wire. I checked Amazon for ya, but only came up with this tricked out blinged wheel for $20

  3. I love engagement stories....that is so sweet. The framed photo/tickets is such a beautiful reminder of that special day!! My guy proposed under the Campanile on Christmas Eve on the ISU campus (we're alum). It was the funniest thing because it was FREEZING COLD, obviously, and he asked me to go for a walk (um..no thanks I'll freeze to death). He insisted so we hiked up to central campus. There was a tiny little Japanese tourist snapping a quadrabillion shots of the Campanile, so Levi suggested we keep walking around, while my toes started to go comatose. We must have looped around 5 times before that little camera toting guy was gone. Finally we had the place to ourselves and he knelt down and asked me. So sweet. Then we ran back to our apartment to thaw out!!! Oh, and you could TOTALLY make the ferris wheel yourself. ;-) Get out that wire and snippers.

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about this post! I LOVE the proposal details, the fact that it was in a public place and the fact that you were totally surprised! Awesome! BETTER yet, I love that you kept the tickets and framed them with a photo of the ferris wheel. Absolutely perfect! YAY! I LOVE mushy stuff!

    I actually have the details of Eric's proposal under the wedding tab on our blog: http://designbuildlove.co/?page_id=23

    It was fancy or public, but it was perfect for us. :) That's what it's all about!!!

  5. Awww, what a great story and I love the momento you created.

  6. Awww! Great story! Eric proposed in Disneyland in front of my entire family just before Christmas. I'm slightly addicted to Disneyland and it was perfect! (p.s. I'm going to feature all of Ted's new things from your gift card giveaway tomorrow - just a heads up) =) Thanks for sharing your cute story, and I hope you get your Ferris Wheel

  7. That is so great. I'm not an overly sentimental type but this is just the perfect gift and it looks so cool framed up. I will need to start to remember to save ticket stubs. Happy anniversary you two crazy kids:)

  8. So sweet! Congrats on your 6 yr. engagement anniversary. Rick had been trying to show me my ring for about a month before he actually proposed so when he did actually ask me I told him to stop fooling around and wait until the time he had planned. Silly me. It was terribly non-romantic. But oh well...we're coming up on our 3 yr. anniversary at the end of this month!

  9. That's such a great story and I love how you kept mementos.
    The plan the day of my engagement was for my husband to meet me for lunch at my office, but instead of lunch, he surprised me by saying that he was taking me away to Carmel-by-the-Sea for a couple of days. He had been in cahoots with my boss and got me a day and a half off of work! I had a hunch what was coming on the drive to our hotel, but he kept me waiting for the actual proposal until after dinner that night :)

  10. so cute! i love that you guys have a "symbol" as stunning as that for your relationship!

    is it bad that i can't remember what day we got engaged?

  11. that's adorable! i love ferris wheels but dan hates them lol.

    Dan proposed in Austin on top of a mountain (or as much of a mountain you can find in TX) we were hiking after a picnic lunch. it was 110+ degrees and he had packed champagne to celebrate with. we were woozy on the way down with the heat and the bubbly combination!

  12. @Emily- I wouldn't remember if I didn't have these tickets. :P

    Loved hearing all of your stories! Thanks for sharing! ;)

  13. This is a sweet story - and I´m glad you kept the tickets! I´m known to throw away everything (and sometimes I do regret it, but not often)...

    Like your blog! :-)

  14. What a great proposal story (and very romantic). Kudos to your husband for pulling that off. My husband proposed on Feb 4th at a park overlooking the Seattle skyline. I think he wanted to throw me off because I knew it was coming, but assumed it would be Valentine's Day. I love your frame idea. I'll have to steal it for our 5 year which is coming in September.

  15. So sweet! We went on a ferris wheel on our first date!

  16. What a great way to always treasure such a special memory! Thanks so much for sharing this with us at Inspiration Friday this week!

  17. Still expensive, but saw this today and thought of you:


    Plus it's a planter to boot!


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