Friday, May 6, 2011

Guest Post- Primitive and Proper

Happy Friday!! I want to thank everyone for their nice comments this week!  I tried to get back to most of you but this week has been CRAZY!!  I’ll hopefully catch back up early next week.  Blogging is time consuming..but I LOVE it!

I also want to thank you for voting for us at the Picket Fence Blogs (We’re currently #9 thanks to all of you…and you can still vote daily (click the button on the right side of the ol’ blog)).

Today I am over at Primitive and Proper sharing our guest bedroom…

Primitive & Proper

Cassie is an extremely talented blogger and she does amazing things with paint and junk furniture (a girl after my own heart)!  I first found her through her link party, Piece of Work Wednesday, and I have been hooked on her blog ever since. Be sure to stop by and check out our guest bedroom!…

March2011 023

On an annoying note, we are having a garage sale tomorrow.  It’s sucking my will to live.  Seriously.  It was Nate’s brilliant idea.  What dude thinks having a garage sale is a good idea?  My dude, I guess. We’ll share Monday whether it was a success or an epic failure.


So many treasures….

Happy week-end!! What are your plans?  Who’s crashing our garage sale??


  1. Good luck with your garage sale. It is going to feel great to get lots of cold hard cash for all your "junk". I've only done it once and I'll never forget how giddy I got :) You'll have to let us know how you did.

  2. Great job on all the guest post/features!
    We are having a garage sale tomorrow, it is a ton of work and I hope it's worth it! Good luck with yours!

  3. I saw you on Cassie's primitive and proper and thought I'd come over to check out your blog! You have a beautiful home. The bedroom makeover downstairs looks so much better! It's amazing what a difference a paint color can make! The picture of of your nephew falling asleep eating his scotcheroos is HILARIOUS! LOL!

    have a wonderful weekend!
    Julie -come on over to my blog if you'd like!

  4. Is it wierd that I want to come to your garage sale?

  5. If I lived close enough I'd totally crash your sale! Good luck!

  6. I decided to have a garage sale tomorrow, too. Yes, the day when I should be cleaning and party prepping. Oh well. I have nothing priced either :oP I hope you get rid of a bunch of stuff!

  7. thank you so much for coming over as a guest and sharing your guestroom! i love it, michelle! have a wonderful weekend!

  8. A PENGUIN! I knew I saw penguins! :)

  9. P&P is awesome! Hopped over to check out your guest-post and LOVED it!!! :D Nice transformation, particularly on a budget. Proof that high style doesn't always have to cost high dollar!

  10. I hope your garage sale went well. I'm going to have a look at your guest post now.


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