Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Citrus Themed Bridal Shower

The blog may be lacking a little this week.   Why? This past week-end I made the 3 hour journey back home to host a bridal shower for my best friend since the 2nd grade, Melissa.


(We didn’t plan the black cardigans…I swear.)

We decided on citrus theme for the shower.  I’m not really into themes but showers just work better with a theme.  I’m not really into showers either but I made it through this one…probably because I didn’t have to participate in those horrible shower games.

Here are a few party details…

The Invites: I designed the invites and had them printed at FedEx Office (aka Kinkos).  I had never used Kinkos before.  I highly recommend printing a test invite before ordering 50 of them.  They turned out fine but I would have made a few color changes had I been patient enough for a test print.  Lesson learned.

April 2011 072

Guest Book: In place of a boring ol’ guestbook, I decided to make a photo book where guests could write wishes/advice for the happy couple.  I recorded the gifts the bride-to-be received at the end of the book.


Martha Stewart Poms:  Martha makes them seem easy.  I wouldn’t go that far.  They were kind of a pain.  They did turn out sort of cute though.



And they made fun kites for the flower girl after the shower…


The Food:  The bride’s mom and aunt were in charge of the food and they did a fabulous job.




Table Decorations:  Our options for location in a town of 800 were either the church basement or the Community Center.  We decided on the Community Center.  It is very brown.  I tried to add some color but didn’t want to go too over the top.  Things back home are simple.  It’s one of the qualities of small town life that I miss.


016 019

The Gifts:  The bride received some lovely gifts…


She’s lucky this mixer ended up in her house.

My mom and I purchased her a pintuck duvet from Target.  What can I say?  My friend has good taste!


What are your thoughts on shower themes?  Do you loathe showers like I do?

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  1. The shower looked great! Love the colors and the invites. I've used Vistaprint for shower invites and they've turned out well. Plus they always have free coupons for postcards. (Bonus.)

    You thought the poms were a pain? I've made hundreds of them over the years.... haha. I'm a little pom-obsessed. I guess maybe I'm just used to it. I sit in front of a movie and crank them out.

    PS - Love the bedding. I have it in white.

  2. What a beautiful and fun themed shower! The colors helped make the brown room pop!
    Dee Dee

  3. YAY1 She got a stand mixer! That's the best. And those cupcakes?! Drool!

  4. What an adorable shower. I'm iffy on themes, but agree they make the planning so much easier. My big thing on showers is avoiding the silly games.

    Off to vote now.

  5. first of all, I MADE THE BLOG! YES! sorry, life long dream:) it was a wonderful shower thrown by wonderful people! everything had detail and people found the time in their busy schedules (ummm...michelle) to bring everything together.

    and the stand mixer looks great in my kitchen. first thing I took out of the box and set up. hoping to use it after finals are over! yeah!

    thanks again for a beautiful shower!


  6. I'm not a huge fan of showers either. All that gift unwrapping & those silly games... but it is what we endure for the people we love :)
    I think your photo album/guestbook/gift list is brilliant.
    Btw, I tried to vote, but saw no actual voting link on the site. Hopefully, you got my vote because I clicked on the button in your post???

  7. lol @ horrible shower games! At one of mine they wrapped my mom and future mom-in-law in toilet paper wedding dresses and I had to pick which "dress" I liked better. It was completely awkward.

    Love the Martha poms--and you're right, she does always make everything seem easier than it actually is!

  8. Obviously we need more practice in making poms cuz they were a pain in the rear! The loved the citrus themed shower, minus the car "incident" first, then the flashing low fuel light on the way there and the thinking I had worn my fuzzy blue slippers to the shower once I got there but then realized they were actually Michelle's TOMS which are just as comfy as my blue fuzzy slippers! Mom :)

  9. I like the theme, as it keeps me focused when selecting decorations and food. You did it very tastefully, it is easy to over do it!

  10. The shower looked great Michelle. Deep down, you really are Miss Suzy Homemaker. :o) Congrats on all the guest posts! Mom says she likes your blog and you are a "decorating queen."

    On a side note, what's a girl gotta do to make the blog? I don't have a man, a life, or a trip planned to see you until September. I can bribe you with non-monetary items. What would you like? :o) Keep up the good work!!!


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