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Before and After: NewlyWoodwards

Our final "Before and After" guest is Kim from NewlyWoodwards.  Kim is a fellow Quad Citian so that gets her extra points in my book.  She has also been extremely kind about promoting this ol' blog.  If you are a new blogger (or think back to when you were) you know that it can seem a little lonely on your blog until you get those first few readers/comments and I definitely have Kim to thank for helping a fellow blogger out!!  

Kim and her husband are renovating pros. Seriously. Pros.  I'd hire them.  You should check our her weekly renovation reports on Thursdays.  I'm not sure they sleep.  Kim also has some mad sewing skills...check out this quilt...and this one.  Told you...mad skills!  Kim is doing a unique "Before and After" that will give you 7 additional blogs to check out as well. Week-end bonus!!


Hi, Decor and the Dog readers! I'm Kim from NewlyWoodwards, and I'm thrilled that Michelle asked me to hang out over here today.

Like you, I'm a huge fan of all the awesome projects in this corner of the blogosphere - from the DIY headboard to installing crown moulding and making curtain rods (bloody brilliant).

But, I'm particularly fond of the chair makeovers at Decor and the Dog. I'm smitten with her cheerful $5 Salvation Army chair, and don't even get me started with her newest winged chair makeover. Love.

So in honor of Michelle and her chair-prowess, I thought I'd share seven of my other favorite chair re-dos in the blogosphere. Because we all need a little seating inspiration now and then.

Number One
Jen at Home in the Country
Another yellow and white chevron redo, Jen made her own slipcovers for this pretty little nursery rocker.

Number Two
Lucie at Design Sponge Online
I love the perky fabric and the chrome legs and arms on this bright chair makeover. I'm dreaming of these chairs gracing a breakfast nook. (I don't have a breakfast nook, but it's my dream, darn it.)

Number Three
Elise Blaha
These cheerful little beauties prove that a vibrant hue of kelly green paint can go a long way. And the lovely fabric certainly doesn't hurt.

Number Four
Our Busy Beach Life
This pretty monogrammed number makes me think that every person in my family needs their own personalized chair. Practical, when you forget which seat is yours.

Number Five
So Stinkin' Cute
Begging for a good book and a reading light, this chick black armchair could really be my new favorite rainy-day reading spot.

Number Six
Sugar Bee Crafts
Who would have thought something so ugly could turn into something so cute? I love this fun makeover of an everyday office chair.

Number Seven
Liz at It's Great to be Home
It blows my mind that you can actually paint a pattern on IKEA slipcovers and make it look good. Liz did it.

So, there you have it. And while I'm here, of course I have to shamelessly share three of my own chair redos... My first office chair, made over from an old chair given to me by my parents.

My second office chair, inspired by Jen and found on Craigslist. I didn't even have to paint this one. I just recovered the seat in nubby linen and scrubbed it down.

And finally, a black paint job on our dining room chairs made the dated seating look fresh once more.

Thanks again to Michelle for having me! Hope you'll pop in to see us at NewlyWoodwards, where we blog about our current house, our newest renovation and any other projects that pop up, which happen more than we care to admit.

If you stop over with a bottle of wine, you know I'll have a chair ready for you.

Have you done your own chair makeover?


Isn't her dining room charming?  Hope it's rainy in your neck of the woods so you have time to check out all of these blogs (along with this week's previous guests!!) 

Did you enjoy the series?  Would you like an opportunity to guest post? If so, contact us at!

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  1. Yes! Love chair makeovers. I've done two, here's one:

  2. Thanks for having me friend. I may have stretched the before and after theme a bit. You forgive me, right? Xoxo

  3. Man, you're making me want to start painting all the chairs in my house! I'm inspired. : )

    And I'd totally hire Kim and Ryan too!

  4. What a great guest post Kim, I love all your favorite picks. I've done two chair re-dos this year myself...

  5. I love the monogram chair! Um, next project for us!

  6. I love Kim! She and I go way back from the Decorating and Renovating Board on The Nest. Such a sweetheart. Great guest post!

  7. I love cute chairs! Reminds me that I previously transformed ugly kitchen chairs w/light wood and ugly, stained floral fabric...I should post the before/afters too!

    I love seeing what a bit of cleaning and paint can do!

  8. Okay, clearly I need to get off my lazy butt and start working on the 5 chairs sitting outside waiting to be attended to:)

  9. I love your dining room table! Where did you get it from?

  10. I'm loving all of the bright colors on these chairs!

    Wondering if you protected your yellow chevron chair (like with scotch guard)? I'm trying to figure out if I need to make mine a little more stain-proof, but I think some of that stuff might change the fabric colors... something that I also don't want. Thoughts? Advice?

  11. A personalised chair! I love the idea. My kids are always fighting who needs to sit where. Personalised chairs might just do the job. And help them learn the alphabet ;)

  12. I love when modern fabrics are used with vintage chairs. These are great examples.

  13. who doesn't LOVE a great chair redo?!?!?! I sadly, have not done one yet, but I have a lot of fantasies about redoing chairs! Hopefully they'll come true soon. :) Great guest post! I LOVE Newly Woodwards!

  14. Love all the chair makeovers!! :)


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