Monday, April 4, 2011

Loving Lowe’s and Crown Molding

Last Friday morning we opened our e-mails to find this…


A few weeks ago I mentioned to Nate that I would like to start on crown molding in a few rooms.  He laughed at me and told me “Good Luck with that.” 

A week later he brought me an ad in the Sunday paper and wanted to know what I thought of the crown molding.  I love planting “thought seeds” that grow beautifully.

With our coupons in hand, we headed off to the molding section of Lowe’s that night…


Unfortunately some man beat us to the molding we wanted and took all but three 8 foot boards.  They had 12 foot boards in the same style…unfortunately 12 foot boards don’t fit well in a Jeep Liberty.  I tried staring the man down hoping he would move on and leave us the boards…but it didn’t work..and Nate was embarrassed.

We did decide to purchase the three remaining boards (and a few cleaning supplies) that night and come back for the 12 foot boards the next day. On the receipt of that purchase was another $10 of $50 coupon. Bonus!

We loaded the 8 foot boards up in my Jeep and called it a night…


We returned on Saturday and purchased our remaining boards and made the slow 15 mile journey home with 12 foot boards hanging out the back of Nate’s parents’ truck…on a nice and windy Iowa day.


We purchased $200.00 worth of crown molding.  Using the 4 coupons (2 web coupons and 2 store receipt coupons), we saved $40.  The $200.00 worth of molding should complete our dining room, master bedroom, and office.  Crown molding is expensive but we feel it is a good investment…especially since we saved $40 on molding we planned to purchase anyways.  This project will be our main house expense for April…and probably May.

And most importantly….here’s the style we picked out…

April 2011 056
April 2011 055

We’re excited to learn how to install crown molding and see how it looks in our rooms….but unfortunately it’s still tax season so this project will need to wait a few more weeks!

Any experience with crown molding?  Any tips?

What’s your favorite big box DIY store?  We’re Lowe’s fans…mainly because of this and frequent coupons!


  1. i'm excited to see you try this, we have a couple rooms that need to be done in the future!

  2. Crown molding makes a room. It adds polish the second it goes up. Nice choice!

  3. We're Home Depot people. I've heard great things about Lowe's, but it's a longer drive for us (than HD), so with our super-frequent trips it's made more sense to stick with HD. But we're definitely known to hit all three (Menards, HD and Lowe's) in one night if we're on a mission. : )

    Love the crown molding! It's going to look great.

  4. Beautiful crown molding! Can't wait to see the finished product up on the wall!
    Dee Dee

  5. thanks for visiting my blog. The chair wasn't as much hard as it was time consuming. It had a frame for the seat, so I just used a new piece of foam and a stapler. I had to make a cushion for the back and I used hot glue and gorilla glue to finish it. I am loving it.
    Wait until you see my nightstands that I finished!!!!
    I am your newest follower

  6. Love what you chose! It's definitely a project, but you will be so pleased by the end result. See:

    Thanks for stopping by!

  7. We love Menards, but also go to Lowe's and HD quite a bit (at least weekly). We like the trim selection at Lowe's best, actually were just there on Friday for window trim. Love that $10 project starter. (There was another one on our receipt, too.)

    Wouldn't it be fun to bump into each other there.

    PS - Do you ever check out the rebate deals at Menards? We got 48 bottles of caulk for free after rebate on Friday. It's almost $180 we'll get back as a rebate. So cool! We go through lots of caulk.

  8. I used that coupon on Friday too! I got paint and primer for our entryway molding plus some other supplies to put me just above the $50. I'm dying to see how you do the crown. Now that we've done a chair rail we think we can do crown, but we really want it in our office which has a bay window and funky angles. I wish it was just a perfect square for our first time!

  9. You all are making me want to hang this RIGHT NOW!!...darn tax season!!

  10. I love the look of crown molding and thought I would add some to a bookcase I was painting. OMG, it was the most excruciatingly painful experience. My creative brain doesn't work the right way to make the puzzle work. I'm sure you'll do a fabulous job. We don't have Lowe's in Canada (at least none in my part) but hope it happens.

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