Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Herb Farmer

The other day I thought about starting a garden.  And then I remember I don’t eat vegetables….

I then decided that I wanted to start growing herbs.  Doesn’t cooking with fresh herbs sound fun?  Not that I usually cook with herbs…or cook period…but it still sounds like fun.

I have a tendency to start things and not finish them.  Nate suggested I start with one herb and go from there.
While bored out of my mind in Menard’s (waiting for Nate to locate some yard thingy), I found this darling herb pot…

April 2011 071

We'll call him "Herb"...short for Herbert.

I purchased the $3.97 pot and an 80 cent package of chives.

I placed some dirt in the pot and sprinkled the seeds on top.  I then covered the seeds with 1/4” of dirt, as suggested on the package.  I gave them some water and set the herb pot on the end table in our kitchen.

April 2011 060

Now I’m anxiously awaiting the sprouting of chives!!  I planted them on Sunday.  I don't see anything yet.  I'm getting discouraged.  Yes, I do have a bachelor's degree in Biology but that still doesn't make the waiting any easier...

Have you tried to grow herbs?  Do you have a favorite recipe that uses chives?


  1. Seriously LOLed at Herbert. Good luck with the chives. We grow quite a few herbs on the deck.

    Here's a post I did last year on what we use them for with recipe links -

  2. Good luck, hope Herbert grows some "hair" soon! Kind of like a giant chia-pet! Hope your pup doesn't get too jealous! LOL!
    Dee Dee

  3. We are secretly reading each other's minds! Sooo crazy! I will officially feel cool when I actually cook something with fresh herbs that I grew!

    Yeah. We rawk.

  4. I love cooking with fresh herbs. I usually buy the big lovely pot already fully grown from the garden centre so I am anxious to see how Herbert does!

  5. lol. We used to live in a rental home that had sage growing in the backyard. We used it all the time and always said we'd grow a real herb garden someday. We haven't yet, but I still think it is a good idea :)

  6. PATIENCE! I know that definitely isn't your strong point, but keep trying. Will "await" herb's arrival.

  7. That pot is too cute! Where did you find him? :)

  8. it's like waiting for a chia pet to sprout! except you can eat what grows out of "herb". we tried a garden last year. got about 50% of what we planted. pretty good for us. lots of cucumbers and radishes. made lots of radish tip and ate lots of cucumbers on salads. we are going to try again this summer and try different strategies! and we are buy pre-grown veggies to transplant like tomatoes. seeds in the ground took way too much time and we planted our seeds too late. melissa


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