Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Crown for the Office

I should save this for a tribute to the royal wedding…

This week-end we installed crown molding for the first time.  We decided to start in the office.  It was the room I wanted to do last but luckily Nate is the rational one in the relationship. 

The office was a good first choice because it doesn’t have any tricky corners or a return vent that is located right next to the ceiling…like our master bedroom and dining room.  We have a fix for the vent in mind.  We’ll share that when we get there.

February11 043

Here is our office before…


And after the installation of the crown molding…

April 2011 114
April 2011 116
April 2011 111

Nate busted out his fancy lens that I’m not allowed to touch until I read the camera manual.

And a close up…

April 2011 108

What did we learn along the way?

April 2011 033

We’ll share that info tomorrow!

**I have no vision for this room.  If anyone has any brilliant suggestions (especially for our built-ins) share!**

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  1. GOD! I loooove crown molding! It makes a room. Really. Love.

    As for the built ins, what if you painted the backs of the shelves a different color?

  2. This looks great! I'm a huge fan of crown moulding.

  3. the crown molding looks awesome!!! I love the detailed selection!!!

  4. I'm looking forward to the tutorial. I love the way it looks. I've tried adding crown molding to a bookcase and that almost sent me over the edge. I admire anyone who can tackle and entire room!

  5. This was seriously your first time??? You guys did a fabulous job. I love the profile of the molding you chose. Also love all the globes on the top of your built ins.

  6. it looks beautiful!!! And i was just about to mention how awesome your photography looked before you mentioned the fancy lens :)!

  7. The crown molding really finishes off the room - and I love your globes! By the way, that expression on your dog's face if priceless!

  8. I would just love to have an office space like yours.

  9. Splendid piece of crown molding! It really gives your home office a deeper feeling of grandeur, and it also blends well with the walls and just everything in the room. That is not just a home office space right there - it is perfection.

  10. Crown molding really adds so much to this space - makes it feel finished and cleaner! Great work! Thanks for linking to my house tour office party!

  11. the molding looks fab, but really the entire space looks wonderful! love the contrast of white with the darker browns.

  12. Beautiful space!! What colors did you use. I love the combo you used. Really sleek, comfortable space. Love!


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