Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday!

Ike turns 4 today!  They grow up so fast....

Everyone thinks their kid dog is the cutest and funniest...but ours really is. :)  Seriously.

I can't believe he is 4 already.  Crazy!
I was looking back through some old photos and realized there was never a dull (or inexpensive) moment when Ike was a puppy.  For example:
  • He chewed some holes in the dry wall of our last house (I was busy cramming for an exam and thought he was chewing on a bone...nope, it was the wall)..this is how we learned to repair drywall
  • He ate 1 of Nate's new cell phones....if its in shorts pockets in the laundry basket it's fair game if you are Ike...this is how we learned about insurance on cell phones.
  • I had an emergency root canal on one of my front teeth because I bent down to pet him and he accidently jumped straight into my face.  (He's lucky I didn't need a crown on that tooth....just don't think I would look right with a "grill". :P)...this is how we learned the importance of dental insurance.
He's still high energy but behaves much better these days.  Maybe we should have done that whole obedience school thing a few years ago.

Here are some pictures of his younger days....bad haircuts and all...

We love our dog...

Time for a birthday nap.....

Anyone else treat their dog like their child?  Anyone like their dog better than their human child?
Do you throw your furry friend a birthday party?  Please share!


  1. Happy Birthday, Ike! So cute! We usually get the doggies a special treat at Four Feet Treat (and someday I hope to get my act together and order a doggie cake).

  2. Happy Birthday, Ike! Love the puppy pictures! Is he getting any special treats today???

  3. he is so cute! We have 2 kitties and they are like our babies :).

  4. First off, happy birthday, Ike!

    Second, what paint color is that on the wall behind him as a puppy? LOVE it! I'm trying to find the right shade for the bedroom we're working on and that's what I'm going for!

  5. Oh got so big. I hope he still scratches you on accident when he gets really excited and jumps on you. I'll be coming to visit in September to find out. :o) Happy birthday Ike!

  6. Ike says "thanks" for the birthday wishes!!

    Sarah- I have no idea what color it is. Sorry! It was from our West Branch house.

  7. Just found your blog through Relatively Unique and so glad I did. I've enjoyed looking around. Your house is so pretty! And yes, we totally treat our dog like he's our child. Isn't that what you're supposed to do?!

  8. OMG Ike is so so cute !! We have 2 Mini Schnauzers, Ollie & Bella...and they are so our furry lil babies !! :-) xo

  9. Your dog is absolutely amazing! Made me smile!
    I personally have an Irish Terrier but at the moment I'm far away from home, so she is with my parents. Miss her terribly!
    Terriers are the best!


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