Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Under-the-Stairs Storage

This is what the area under our staircase in our basement storage room looked like.  GIANT disaster. Disgusting.

After Nate got frustrated when trying to locate a specific paint color, he got clever and figured out an inexpensive shelving system.

Here's what he used:
  • 6 shelving brackets
  • 8 foot piece of 1x12"
  • 1 hour of time

He hung the brackets (making sure they were level, of course).  He cut the 1x12" to the appropriate lengths and then set them on top of the brackets.  He then screwed the board to the bracket and Wah-Lah...

Inexpensive storage.  Not super pretty but it is now organized and more functional!  And that's all the really matters, right?

If only I wasn't such a messy painter....

1 comment:

  1. Effing shelves! I love em! My house has hardly any storage, so shelving is my favorite invention at this point of my homeowning career. Good work.


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