Saturday, January 15, 2011

Stripey Laundry Room

The week-end brings one of my favorite chores..laundry (**note sarcasm**). 

I'm thinking that if my laundry room was more exciting, then laundry would be more exciting.  Righttt.... 

I am, however, LOVING this laundry room.  I don't think Nate would go for the pink...but then again I'm not sure he even really knows where the laundry room is located in our house. :P

laundry/mud rooms - black white photography art vertical striped stripes pink walls white washer dryer white cabinets white pink laundry room
Image found here
I'm pretty sure I don't have the patience to paint stripes...but you just never know....


  1. I don't know. I love pink but there's something about this specific color....makes me think it should say "It's a girl!" Maybe a "hotter" color pink or a deep purple? I don't know. Again, I live in a crappy apartment not an amazing house so I'm not a good one to ask.

  2. Yeah, probably not this pink. I might do stripes though...but I suck at math...and have no patience. :P

  3. I love the stripes but not thinking this pink

  4. Stripes aren't that bad, but you have to have patience when taping. Vertical stripes would be much easier than the horizontal one we did in a house that isn't level anymore! Use the tape we used in Natalie's room and you will have no issues. It's yellow and we bought it at Sherwin Williams. Amazing stuff!


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