Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's Just a Sweater...Pillow

I've had my eye on Pottery Barn's Sweater-Knit Pillow cover for awhile...

Sweater-Knit Pillow Cover, 26"
Image found here
Unfortunately, Pottery Barn and I don't agree on pricing. 

I kept thinking about the pillow covers and debating if it was something I could tackle.  I then decided...what's the worse that could happen? I would ruin a $1.50 sweater I got from the Salvation Army.  I can handle that loss.

So, I headed to the Salvation Army and picked out two $1.50 sweaters (along with a pair of $3 Express Editor pants in perfect condition....yeah, awesome. I know!).

I suck at "how-to's"...especially on this because I didn't know what I was doing.

I shoved (technical term) the pillow form into the sweater. 
I cut off the arms.  I placed pins around the pillow so I had a general outline of where to sew. 
I used a large, zig-zag stitch to sew where I had pinned (on 3 sides of the pillow).  I left the 4th side open because I change my mind with decorating as often as some people change their underwear (you can decide how often that is). 
To close the last side, I tied some bows with ribbons. 
And wah-lah...........sweater pillow cover for $1.50.

 Take that Pottery Barn.


  1. I've been in love with these pillows too!!! And I've been waiting for them to be on sale. Yea, um, still waiting. I also can't make sense out of buying a pillow then buying a "pillow cover" What's that all about?! I think I'll do just what you did! Genius. LOL Take that Pottery Barn! LOL Loves it!

  2. Just found your blog from a comment you left on YHL's facebook. I'm loving everything you do! I'm graduating from college and cannot wait to get my own home and use your place as some of my inspiration :)----Ashlye

  3. Thanks for the nice comments!!

    Getting your own place is....AWESOME! Just remember it all takes time! Good Luck!

  4. So, I don't "sew"... do you think these could be hand stitched together?


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