Monday, December 13, 2010

O Tannenbaum

Bring on the Christmas trees!! 

We started a new tradition last year where we put the trees up before Thanksgiving and then decorate them the week-end after.  Gives us some time to recover from the "fun" that is the 12 foot's not pre-lit and it involves 2 ladders to put up/decorate...and fully bellies so we aren't cranky. :P

First we have tree in our livingroom.  I'm afraid of heights.  Guess who has to place the star??? I always feel like I should have a video camera handy just in case it falls like in some of those classic Christmas movies.  We like classic red for this tree. 

I don't have a lot of ornaments that are super special..except for this one from our honeymoon in Aruba.

The second tree is in our dining room.  Much easier to decorate!! 

A simple poinsetta in the kitchen...

A few decorations for the table I just repainted...not sure how I'm feeling on this.

More to come this week-end when it's light out (oh you know, the only time we're in our house when it's light) and we Nate can take some better pictures.  Also, an outside picture. Get excited. :P


  1. I love the bead board you put on your kitchen island. I have the same style island that I'd like to bead board. Did you use the tongue and groove stuff or the sheets of bead board?

  2. We used the tongue and groove. We thought it looked nicer. It's a pretty easy project..the hardest part is painting!! It's one of our favorite projects!!


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